February 7, 2020

Meet the PassportUSA International Recruiters

The PassportUSA International Recruiters take great pride in interviewing candidates to help them progress their #AmericanDream. They are responsible for qualifying potential candidates, educating candidates on the immigration process, and setting expectations during the visa application process. ��

These are the PassportUSA International Recruiters:

Shane Howard

Shane brings over 4 years of recruiting experience with PassportUSA and he is dedicated to learning more about candidates and explaining the PassportUSA program.��What is your favorite part about working at PassportUSA? "My favorite part about working at PassportUSA is our team. I love the people I get to work with everyday because we are all hard-working and we enjoy helping people achieve their American dreams."What has been the most rewarding experience you have had at PassportUSA? "The most rewarding part that I continually experience is when I see our candidates make it to the U.S. I am so proud that they persevered with their families to deploy here."Advice to future candidates: "Relax and be yourself during the interview. Being honest will help us get to know you better."

David Delworth

David has worked for PassportUSA since 2019 and he is passionate about helping candidates get to the next step in their journey.What is your favorite part about working at PassportUSA? "My favorite part about PassportUSA is the departmental organization. We have various departments such as recruitment, processing, legal, employee supervisors, etc. to seamlessly assist candidates along the way."Most rewarding part about being a recruiter: "The most rewarding part about being a recruiter is when I finish the interview with candidates and they are eager to complete the next part of their requirements."Advice to future candidates: "We recommend candidates to continue working with recent bedside experience. Keeping your skills up-to-date is important for your resume."

Brad Wolfenden II

Brad is our newest PassportUSA recruiter and he is determined to help candidates realize their #AmericanDream.What is your favorite part about working at PassportUSA? "My favorite part about working at PassportUSA is the sincerity from the staff members and candidates. We are honored that you have faith and trust in PassportUSA."What motivated you to be a PassportUSA recruiter? "I was enticed by the fact that as a recruiter, we are the first point of contact to candidates when we conduct interviews. We leave memorable first impressions with candidates and they never forget the first PassportUSA staff member they talked to."Advice to future candidates: "We strongly advise you pass NCLEX first. Don't know where to start? Click here to read how to apply for the NCLEX."Are you an international registered nurse that wants to live and work in the U.S.? Click on the button below to apply to the PassportUSA program and we will send you relevant information to get your #AmericanDream started!

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