July 7, 2016

RN Tops List of Most Job Openings in USA

According to the most recent Employment Projections report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the United States will have over one million nursing job openings by 2024. The news is just the most recent proof of a massive nursing shortage the US has been enduring for years.That means a wave of opportunity for aspiring overseas nurses in search of a new life and career in the United States. And the opportunity extends beyond nurses, too - there's a dramatic need for occupational, speech and physical therapists, as well as medical technologists. The following are the healthcare jobs to have the most openings by 2024:

  • 1,088,400 registered nurses
  • 1,040,400 health technologists and technicians
  • 311,200 therapists
  • 290,000 physicians and surgeons
  • 75,000 nurse practitioners
  • 50,000 physician assistants

The proof is in the data. In upcoming years, international healthcare professionals will become an increasingly important part of the Healthcare landscape.

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