January 8, 2019

Reintroducing the PassportUSA IELTS Academy

Many registered nurses don't know that PassportUSA will help them prepare for IELTS. Simply pass NCLEX, interview with us, sign our contract, and we will prepare you to pass IELTS!

What is the PassportUSA IELTS Academy?

  • The Academy is available to anyone that has signed our contract and needs to pass or renew his/her IELTS.
  • You get a personal one-on-one coach (one of our PassportUSA representatives) to help you set goals and achieve them.
  • We offer 100% online preparation with a 1-year unlimited access to the Road to IELTS program. It covers listening, reading, writing, and speaking.
  • We will reimburse up to $120 for enrollment in an in-person IELTS prep course. *Your choice of review center must be approved in advance by PassportUSA, see our IELTS Academy page for additional requirements.
  • If you strongly pass our free predictive exam, we will sponsor your IELTS test fee.
  • When your confirmed test date approaches within 30 days, you will also get the opportunity to participate in Skype speaking sessions with our IELTS Manager and receive feedback from her.

Click here to view the PassportUSA IELTS Academy Diagram.

Click here to view the official PassportUSA IELTS Academy page.

Reach out to your most current assigned PassportUSA representative if you have any questions and be sure to check out more great articles in the Employee Education Center to help you succeed in your new life in the USA!

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