January 28, 2019

US Lab Director: Review of Foreign-Trained Med Techs

At PassportUSA, we find immense value in the feedback we receive from our healthcare facility clients who hire our foreign-trained medical technologists, RNs, and PTs. Doing so helps us to not only improve the experience for the client, but also for the healthcare professionals we employ.Below are excerpts from a recent interview with a lab director at one of our partner healthcare facilities who has firsthand experience with PassportUSA medical technologists. She discussed both her experience working with foreign-trained MTs and the factors that led to hiring international employees.PassportUSA: Based on your experience, how do you feel foreign-trained medical technologists compare, clinically-speaking, with MTs educated and trained in the U.S.?Client:�I have a great deal of respect for the MTs we have contracted with from PassportUSA. They are very knowledgeable and learn new processes quickly.PassportUSA: How has your full-time staff received the MTs from PassportUSA? How would you describe the overall interaction?Client:�The MTs we have hired through PassportUSA have become an integral part of our team. There is not any distinction of them� and us.�� My team is very happy to have them on board and find the techs easy to work with.PassportUSA: How have your foreign-trained medical technologists adapted to the technology used in your labs? What systems do you use and did they have experience with this before coming to the U.S.?Client:�We have not had any problems with the techs learning our instrumentation. We have Abbott ARCHITECT, Siemens blood gas, Sysmex XN, ACL TOPs, VITEK 2, and Criterion. We recently switched to new coagulation analyzers and they were very quick to adapt.PassportUSA: What are some benefits you've noticed about employing foreign-trained MTs?Client:�[Their] willingness to accept new challenges and to adapt to different environments. They are well-trained and dependable.PassportUSA: What were the factors that led you to choose to use international MTs? (ex.: Facility growth, retirements, unable to find qualified candidates)At the time, I was unable to hire qualified candidates and had a large turnover due to payscale, new LIS, and employees relocating to other states. Since then, we have increased payscale and have been able to take the time to find qualified candidates for other positions.PassportUSA: Do you feel like foreign-trained MTs from PassportUSA have sufficiently solved your staffing needs? Client:�Yes.PassportUSA: How likely would you be to recommend MTs from PassportUSA to other healthcare facilities around the country?Client:�I have recommended PassportUSA MTs to other hospitals experiencing staffing issues and will continue to do so.U.S. HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATIONS: If you are looking for a cost-effective, temp-to-perm medical technologist staffing solution, please connect with our Business Development Team.

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