February 5, 2018

RN Recognition - Diana

One of our Arkansas RNs, Diana, received recognitions by her nurse manager and by a patient's family also. Speaking of amazing achievements, Diana's son Ryle, recently demonstrated English proficiency at his elementary school! Diana, we're so proud of you and your son!!Top left picture: "Diana, I cannot repay you but am very much thankful. Here are 2 free movie passes. Enjoy!!" From: Barbara and entire leadership teamBottom left picture: "Starting with Diane's admittance of Chris and constant attention, and then Melissa's introduction to him and continued careful attention to him on the next shift were excellent. Their love of patients is very evident. Both are very professional yet personable, and both, very thorough in their care. Both were extremely patient with the questions we asked regarding all the different meds, and our questions on electrolytes, e.g., questions on potassium and how electrolytes affect the body. Both were very articulate in their knowledge and responses. They always asked if we had any more questions and to be sure to ask them anything...We felt we were under the care of empowered nurses who would nip a problem immediately and run down solutions and answers for us. We felt SAFE under their care. Please convey our deepest appreciation on a very rough week for my husband..." Sincerely, Cindy

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