October 18, 2019

Adjusting To Rotating Shifts

You are probably used to being awake during the day, but how do you best adjust to rotating shifts?Rotating shifts are also known as variable or swing shifts. Depending on the facility you work at, you may be on shifts where you work a certain few days or a few weeks during the day, and then the same day or week span during the night.For example:7 AM to 7 PM on Monday3 PM to 3 AM on Wednesday11AM to 11PM on ThursdayAnother example:6 weeks only day shifts6 weeks only night shiftsetc.These are a few tips on how you can prepare and stay at peak performance on a rotating shift schedule:

  • Stay up as much as you can the day/night before to sleep your usual amount before the next span of rotating day/night shifts.
  • Continue to eat healthy. Avoid high-fat, high-carb, and sugary foods that can make you tired. Getting your daily vegetable/fruit intake can help you replenish lost nutrients. Consider meal prepping for the week ahead of time so you are not cooking or eating out every day.
  • Don't rely on caffeine because it can make you anxious or jittery. Drinking plenty of water is best for staying hydrated.
  • Stay alert. Keeping busy with your tasks will help you remain productive so it will seem like the shift went by faster.
  • Don't forget about your family life and social life. Stay in touch with your family and friends by letting them know your availability ahead of time and don't be afraid to decline an invitation out at the last minute if you are too tired to go out in your free time.
  • Utilize your free time to the fullest. When you are at home, catch up on your chores and don't forget to enjoy your leisure time whether you like to exercise, read, watch TV, etc.
  • Blackout curtains are super helpful if you are trying to sleep during the day. Consider buying those if you have trouble sleeping with sunlight in your room.
  • Keep a positive attitude. Remember to stay professional and put your efforts into your care. People depend on you!

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