February 6, 2015

5 Reasons to Secure Your EB-3 Application Now

PassportUSA is still sponsoring new candidates who want to live and work in the United States. Many foreign-trained healthcare professionals have been abandoned by their original sponsors due to uncertainty over retrogression. But PassportUSA has remained steadfast in its recruitment of qualified healthcare professionals and encourages anyone who has passed NCLEX to contact the PPUSA office today and secure your EB-3 application now.If you've passed NCLEX, you shouldn't wait.  If your goal is to make it to America, you should be doing everything you can to prepare yourself, regardless of your priority. The following are five reasons why:1. Get in Line Before Everyone Else Does. At the PassportUSA offices, we speak with lots of discouraged candidates affected by visa retrogression. Even those who have passed NCLEX are reluctant to take IELTS because of retrogression. "What's the point?" we're often asked on the phone.The thing is, if you truly want to come to America, it makes little sense putting off anything you still need to do because you will eventually have to anyways.We refer to it as "getting in line." Even if you're sitting on an unfavorable priority date, you can still secure your place in line by ensuring you've done everything possible to this point. Waiting until your priority date moves forward is a good way to put yourself at the end of a very long line.2. Thousands of Open Positions. It's no secret. There's a national nursing shortage in America, along with a shortage of therapists as well. PassportUSA is working with many healthcare facilities who are expecting talented foreign-trained healthcare professionals to fill their openings.The time has never been this ripe for international nurses and therapists. You're in serious demand.3. PassportUSA Coaching. Regardless of your priority date, it is never too early to prepare for your journey to the United States. But to get here takes hard work and preparation. Nursing exams, credentialing, language exams, embassy interviews - it can all seem overwhelming. But PassportUSA has been doing this over a decade. We know what to expect and how you can succeed at every step.4. Our Program is FREE. Candidates who take advantage of PassportUSA services do so at no cost. This is not the common experience when dealing with international recruitment firms. Everyone's out to make a buck. But PassportUSA is POEA-licensed and Joint Commissioned. Our services cost candidates nothing.So if you've been affected by retrogression, you can still prepare for life in the United States by utilizing all the resources PassportUSA has to offer.5. Priority Dates Are Expected to Keep Moving Forward. This speaks to our first point. Even if you've been negatively affected by retrogression, doing nothing doesn't help your cause. Industry analysts expect priority dates to continue moving forward, and when that happens, you will not be the only candidate waiting to jump on the opportunity.Waiting to pass TOEFL or IELTS, or take care of the things you still need to take care of, will only mean an additional step when your priority date becomes current. Many candidates fall into the trap of only thinking about their own priority date - but so many people are in the same boat! You don't want to be part of the herd when retrogression's over. Ensure a much easier experience by securing your EB-3 application now!

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