August 10, 2016

Step By Step, They Were With Me - Imelda #WelcomeWednesday

"Heading into new challenges and journeys. Providing and sustaining a comfortable life. Living and sharing life together with my loved ones. These roads were not easy and the paths were tougher, but I never gave up. It was the same goal I had 10 years ago. Finally, the long wait is over.It started after getting a degree in BSN, way back April of 2006. I started to prepare my documents and plans to work in USA. I took necessary license exams like NCLEX and IELTS with some of my friends together abroad. After passing it, I searched for an agency who could help me with my goals.November 2007, after asking for recommendations from friends, I finally found an agency to help me work in the USA. They let me sign a contract and sponsored my application in USCIS. However, after months, due to economic crisis in the United States, all visas for nurses were unavailable. USCIS mailed me stating that they were unable to process it until further notice. As days and years passed, I lost contact with the agency and with my sponsor. I felt hopeless and disappointed. I felt wasted for all the time consumed and cost spent for all the exams I did, bearing that it would expire soon. With responsibilities ahead of me, I decided to work in Singapore for the meantime while waiting for retrogression to lift up.It took years of waiting. I almost forgot about it.Until, November 2014, my cousin recommend me to Health Carousel to try processing my application again. I checked their website and read the feedback. They were convincing and lead me to reach out to them through e-mail only. Immediately, they responded. From then on, communication became very often. I followed their instructions, signed a new contract, submitted the necessary documents to recapture my previous date from USCIS.Despite my situation of being abroad and limited time due to work commitments, it did not hinder them. They have been very understanding and patient waiting for me to complete the papers needed. The communication was very open and constant. I could even ask simple questions and they will respond to me immediately. Step by step, they were with me. I never felt alone through this process. The assistance they gave to me was overwhelming. Sir Karlo called me almost everyday to follow up on things and I'm truly glad about it.Migrating with my daughter made me feel scared with so many questions about how I was going to handle it, but HC was not just concerned about administrative matters but also, the welfare of my daughter and myself. From securing a job to providing me transportation and housing once I landed in the USA, it is all covered by them. With that, I'd like to thank them. I felt very confident moving to another place.It was almost unbelievable that I have this opportunity to work and live with my daughter at the same time. To provide a comfortable life and great opportunities for their loved ones is what every parents aims for. Through you Health Carousel and their team members, my utmost gratitude is with you.Again, thank you to all the staff of Health Carousel for going the extra miles for me. I've already started to recommend Health Carousel to every nurses I meet and will continue to do so. Most of all, I would like to give the highest praise and thanks to Almighty God for allowing me to have you through this venture and for giving me this opportunity. May God continue to bless Health Carousel and the rest of the team so that they can help more nurses to practice abroad. Keep me in your prayers. Thank you very much."PROFESSION: Registered Nurse CANDIDATE NAME: Imelda LOCATION: Tennessee DEPLOYMENT DATE: August 8th, 2016

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