March 22, 2021

Extremely Lucky To Have Found Our Forever Home - Vincent, PassportUSA Nurse Alumni

PassportUSA is honored to have employed Vincent, a registered nurse, who has now reached the end of his temp-to-perm assignment.While working for PassportUSA, Vincent saved up enough money to purchase a brand new 4 bedroom house, approximately two years after he moved from his home country, the Philippines. Vincent then proceeded to buy his dream car, right after he completed his U.S. work assignment. He is proud to be able to afford the things he's always wanted for himself and for his family...  but that's not all Vincent accomplished! He met some Filipino musicians in his city and they formed a band. They love to play in Filipino restaurants and at local events. Vincent makes sure to keep a balanced work-life in order to fulfill his passion as a musician.

Vincent on stage with fellow band members

A Top Performer

In his previous performance reviews, his International Employee Supervisor commented:

"Vincent always reports to work in a timely manner and he continues to demonstrates a positive attitude. Vincent has been successfully working on his assignment and has been doing an awesome job! He makes sure that he responds to communication attempts quickly and keeps me updated whenever there is a change or information that I need to know.He and his family have settled in the area quite well. He is always willing to help nurses in the area and helps coordinate events for all the PassportUSA nurses in the area! it is truly a pleasure having him be a part of the PassportUSA family!"

Reflecting on His Journey

"All I can say is, I was very lucky to be assigned to work here. I love the city, the Filipino community and most importantly, the facility and the unit that I was assigned to.This hospital became my second home and my coworkers became my second family and I can't imagine myself working anywhere else. We bought our house because in just two years with PassportUSA because we were already sure that we are not moving anywhere and we are staying here for good. We visited all the popular states here in the US and this is really the home for us so I'm very thankful that PassportUSA sent me and my family here. I want to recognize my PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor,  Ashley, for guiding me all the way from the beginning of my contract until the end. It was a bumpy ride as expected but with hard work and by doing what you're supposed to do as an employee, being a caring nurse to your patient, everything turned out well for me."

Vincent happily accepted a full-time employment offer from the facility. We know he will continue to exceed his employer’s and patients’ expectations!

Vincent and his wife at their new forever home

Thank you, Vincent! We wish you the best of luck.

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