August 21, 2020

Catching Up With Fellow Alum, Almira

Introducing Almira (left)

Almira is one of our registered nurse Alumni who previously worked at one of our client facilities in Texas. She is originally from the Philippines and finished her PassportUSA assignment in 2020. Almira has visited several states in the U.S. (one of her favorite states being New York), and she has celebrated many U.S. holidays with her friends and family. Almira also shared that she was a secretary for the Filipino American Association in her local Texas area! She is heavily involved in the community and is honored to support others.

Success During Her PassportUSA Assignment

Almira had a great transition to the U.S. with the help of her coworkers. Almira was a team player and she was nominated numerous times for the DAISY award! additionally received a lot of written and verbal praise from her patients and nurse manager for her never-ending hard work and compassion.In Almira's previous performance evaluations, the facility's Chief Nursing Officer commented,

"Almira is a very nice person. She shows up on time and wants to do what is right for the patient."

What Almira's Up to Now

Almira continues to work in Texas at a magnet hospital and is truly proud to have worked with PassportUSA as a start to her U.S. nursing career.

"Thank you PassportUSA for my first USRN job. I cannot believe how much time flies when you're having fun. I moved from Canada to the USA alone, and starting from scratch was a challenge I took on, as I successfully realized my dream to practice as a USRN. The road to success was a winding but beautiful journey. There were the best days worth celebrating and there were days that tested my patience, faith, and resilience. I am so glad that I carried on with faith, hope, love, and never gave up.I learned a lot holistically and sharpened my nursing skills and matured in life. I established great camaraderie at my workplace. I met new people, touched so many lives who also touched mine, and gained genuine friends who turned out to be some of my life mentors. I cannot thank PassportUSA enough for being part of my life and for playing a significantly positive role in my nursing career.Each day is a blessing. Make the most out of it positively with a grateful heart!" -Almira

Her Future Plans

"My goals in life are to live a happy, healthy, successful life with the people I love. I wish to become a successful entrepreneur while doing what I love to do which is aiming to be an excellent nurse supervisor here in the U.S.!" -Almira[caption id="attachment_355281" align="aligncenter" width="568"]

Almira sightseeing in New York City[/caption]

Thank you Almira for sharing your amazing journey so far. We appreciate your hard work and dedication in your profession and our company!

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