November 25, 2015

America Thankful for Foreign-Trained Healthcare Talent

In the midst of a national nursing shortage, foreign-trained healthcare professionals are a saving grace. Hospital administration are more frequently turning to international healthcare talent to not only fill short-term staffing gaps, but these professionals are signing long-term contracts and are retained as vital staff members going forward.This Thanksgiving, as we reflect on the very first thanksgiving, the first meal shared in a new land, we want to give thanks to our brave candidates who leave everything they've ever known in favor of a new life in the United States. Opportunity is brimming here and many foreign-trained nurses aren't letting it pass. Even in the face of visa retrogression, these professionals have not been deterred.PassportUSA is doing everything it can to sweeten the deal for foreign-trained healthcare professionals who want to live and work in America. In November alone, the company has created juicy sign-on bonuses to enhance the compensation package. Simultaneously, the company has submit your referrals here, to widen its reach for optimal healthcare talent.The benefits don't end once you sign with PassportUSA either. The company knows you have hurdles to clear like NCLEX and rigorous English exams. PassportUSA offers discounted supplemental IELTS resources guaranteed to ensure you're ready.We're doing everything we can to make it easier for foreign-trained healthcare talent to live in work in America. Because the reality is, the United States needs you. The world needs you, because according to the World Health Organization nurses provide roughly 90 percent of the world's healthcare. But you have a real advantage in the US as soon as your arrive. Recent studies predict more US nurses will need to upgrade to a bachelor's degree in the future. But most foreign-trained nurses arrive with a bachelor's, meaning they're immediately ahead of the curve.So you know you have choices. But for those who want to live and work in a country bursting with opportunity, we hope you'll consider reaching out to PassportUSA. If you want to read more about the entire PassportUSA process, click the button below. And for all of our international healthcare professionals currently working in the United States, thank you for entrusting us with your new career and life in America. And thanks for the optimal care you're providing patients across the country.Happy Thanksgiving!

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