August 21, 2020

#ThankfulThursday - Alona D

Achieving my US dream� was never easy but PassportUSA / Health Carousel was there and supported me every step of the way and I will forever be grateful for all the help, encouragement, and support they gave me from their office in Manila Philippines to the Headquarters in Ohio, US. They were very accommodating and inspiring. Now,� my working days with PassportUSA / Health Carousel have come to an end but this does not mean goodbye. Health Carousel will always be a part of my life's journey that I will always be glad to look back. It's just the time that I have to move forward to the next chapter of my life for a better opportunity to grow and be the best therapist I can be.Thank you Health Carousel and continue with all your good works. God bless you all.See more on Facebook @ #ThankfulThursday.Name: Alona D.Occupation: Physical TherapistPlacement:�Texas

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