December 30, 2015

"There came a point that I wanted to give up, but PassportUSA never gave up on me" - Allan, PT #WelcomeWednesday

"I am very proud to be a candidate of PassportUSA. I’ve been with Health Carousel (PassportUSA's parent company) since 2012. They’ve been so efficient and timely in processing my papers. I took the NPTE four times before I passed. There came a point that I wanted to give up and didn’t want to take the exam anymore. But PassportUSA didn’t give up on me. With their persistent follow-up and consistent motivation, finally I passed the NPTE last July 2015. Few months after I passed, PassportUSA already found an assignment for me. With their efficient and timely processing of my documents, I am now scheduled to leave and work in the United States.I want to thank PassportUSA for believing and not giving up on me. Now, my dream of working in the United States as a Physical Therapist is fulfilled. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much PassportUSA. May God bless you always!!!"AllanCANDIDATE NAME: ALLANLOCATION: NEW MEXICODEPLOYMENT DATE: DECEMBER 21

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