August 21, 2020

PassportUSA Staff Visits Tennessee Client Facility

Face-to-Face Relationships are the Key to Success

Our clinical nursing team and account managers frequently visit our client facilities to see how our nurses are performing, spot opportunities for enhanced patient care, and to celebrate exemplary achievements. We feel these interactions are critical to the success of the PassportUSA program.The PassportUSA team (Miriam - Account Manager, Donita - Director of Nursing/Quality Improvement, and Julie - Director of Business Development) visited one of our Tennessee client facilities recently to meet the newly-working PassportUSA RNs to set them up for a successful U.S. work transition and answer any questions the facility administrators and staff had.Pictured left to right: Joy, Julie Ann, Katherine, Czarina, Miriam, Patrisha, Marcius, Donita, Julie, and Bernadette.

We Care � We Are Accessible

PassportUSA cares about our nurses and the quality of care they provide to patients. We also aim to please our client healthcare facilities. And while we are always available via phone and email, we realize that in-person meetings and celebrations are critically important. That's why our management team visits 1-2 client facility locations each week.If you are a U.S. healthcare organization that would like to be part of a program that places patient care first, but recognizes that happy, well-trained nurses are key to success, then click on the button below to learn more.If you are an international registered nurse and are not already contracted with us, please click the button below to apply for PassportUSA. We will send you relevant information to start your #AmericanDream!

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