July 24, 2019

The Transition-to-Practice Program was amazing - Finah, RN

My experience in taking the Transition to Practice program was amazing, I was able to learn the workflow in US hospital setting especially in providing quality care to patients.�The value of hard work is important in completing the program because it has an expiry date so you really need to complete it with maximum efficiency. Working hard on studying the course also helps me to achieve the target score for every test.� I feel fulfilled every time I passed the test because it means I can apply it in a real-life hospital scenario.Yes, I will definitely recommend the training to other candidates because it's very helpful especially to nurses who will work in the United States. The teaching strategies are very effective, it's easy to understand because of the real-life videos and the virtual coach is always there to answer queries.The�training helped me to gain knowledge and skills that will help me in my transition to US Healthcare Delivery System.

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