December 2, 2014

#TravelTuesday - New England Style!

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Winter may be upon us, and the chill is setting in but we know just the cure: a trip to the Cape and a warm cup of New England Clam Chowder.We have quite a few PassportUSA employees working in the Northeast this year and we have learned a lot from our trips! This beautiful area of the country is often looked over in favor of big cities like New York but we actually prefer trips to the quaint harbor towns like Cape Cod, Nantucket, Providence, and Newport.In the morning, drive up to Cape Cod, especially in the off-season when it is quiet and tranquil. The small sand dunes and countless lighthouses make for a leisurely scenic drive along the coast. If you make a few photo-stops along the way you should be back in Providence in time for lunch!

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Though Providence, Rhode Island, has many attributes, the real gems of the city are its two main academic institutions: Brown University and Johnson and Wales University. Brown’s campus breathes old world charm and you can practically smell the newly-sharpened pencils and used-books, making you nostalgic for the excitement of a new school year.Just across from Brown University sits Hemenways, a must-try seafood restaurant. You can’t possibly visit Providence without trying their clam chowder. As you sit at your table, staring out at the river and city skyline, the waiter arrives with a cream-colored ceramic cup of steaming soup. The warm savory aroma assaults your senses, making your mouth water before you’ve even tasted it. A perfect ratio of creamy roux, soft vegetables, and perfectly cooked clams could very easily make your day and warm your soul after your chilly walk through campus (truly embodying the term soul-food).


Take the afternoon and head over to Johnson and Wales University, home of the Culinary Arts Museum. The museum boasts old dinner menus from the Gilded Age of America, Diner fixins from the 50s, a dedication to Julia Child, student exhibits in cakes, sugar sculptures and, you guessed it, a chocolate exhibit. Johnson and Wales turns out some of the best chefs in America including celebrity chef Tyler Florence.

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When you’re finished looking at all those decadent food displays, you’ll be famished again and a great way to satisfy that hunger is to head just outside of Providence to Seekonk, Massachusetts, where the Old Grist Mill Tavern has just reopened after a tragic fire destroyed the building. The restored building and beautiful scenery, paired with the amazing seafood and steak menu like lobster-stuffed mushroom caps filet mignon will fill you up and leave you with leftovers to take home.

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If you have an extra day, take a trip back in time to Newport Rhode Island to tour a few of the Newport Mansions. Built at the turn of the nineteenth century by the Vanderbilts and other rail, coal, and trade magnates, these mansions provide a look into the lavish lifestyles of Gilded Age shipping barons. The Breakers is among the most famous. Built by Cornelius Vanderbilt, it is so named because it is built just back from the cliffs of the Atlantic oceans where the sound of the waves breaking would drift through the open windows in the summer. Long driveways, marble ballrooms, wide staircases, expansive dining rooms, hidden passageways, and exquisitely groomed gardens speak of an era long-gone where people still held grand balls, strolled the gardens, and sat down to appreciate the food they were served without their Monday night TV shows.The harbor towns of New England provide a snapshot of a quieter lifestyle and are a perfect place for someone who is looking to get out of the big city.Interested in working in the Northeast or somewhere else in the United States? Apply HEREÂ

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