March 15, 2018

True Indeed - Leana

"It was 2016 when I joined Health Carousel. I waited for two years to be chosen without actually expecting that one day I will really make it due to the large number of applicants. I just really took the opportunity before it slipped away. And now, two years later, I’ll be flying to the US! Finally! The long wait is over. Thank you Health Carousel for making it possible. It is true indeed, that we can only achieve our dreams if we work hard enough. It really pays off. I would like to thank my advisor for being patient in answering my never-ending questions. To Health Carousel, please continue to be an instrument for other allied healthcare workers’ dreams to come true. To aspiring healthcare workers, just have faith and pray, for it will be given to you in God’s perfect time. Never lose hope and think that God is with you forever and always."PROFESSION: Medical TechnologistCANDIDATE NAME: LeanaLOCATION: IowaDEPLOYMENT DATE: March 12, 2018

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