February 14, 2016

WATCH: Our International Workforce Solution


Video Transcript:

PassportUSA offers a long-term solution to the workforce challenges afflicting healthcare organizations across the USA . . .There is a better way to permanently fill your critical nursing, therapy and lab vacancies.

This is the PassportUSA “International Workforce Solution.”

PassportUSA has established a robust pipeline of international nurses, therapists and lab professionals seeking careers in America. We ensure our professionals have licenses, certifications, language skills, and work visas necessary for U.S. employment. Each candidate is also screened to guarantee their willingness to work in a variety of locations and shifts.After understanding your workforce needs, we present you with your best-fit candidates. Each candidate meets or exceeds U.S. standards for their profession. Our nurses for example, are Bachelor’s prepared - helping facilities who are seeking Magnet designation. Once you pick your candidates the PassportUSA team wraps up the remaining immigration details and provides updated arrival timelines along the way.PassportUSA meets each healthcare professional when they arrive in the USA. We ensure housing, transportation, banking, schooling for children, shopping for necessities, and reporting to your facility is taken care of. When our professional reports to you on their first day, they’re ready to go! A PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor provides round-the-clock support for the duration of the contract period.PassportUSA healthcare professionals commonly receive employee-of-the-month and Daisy Awards accolades from clients. Our healthcare professionals integrate into your team and enhance the culture of your organization. Their professional experience and commitment to improving lives are characteristics that set our temp-to-perm workforce solution apart.Eighty-six percent of PassportUSA healthcare professionals transition into permanent, full-time roles with our clients upon completion of their contract. We attribute this to the fact that they have become engrained in the communities and organizations that gave them their first chance at a great life in America.So that’s it – the PassportUSA International Workforce Solution explained. To explore a better alternative to traditional contract staffing, please visit passportusa.com/workforce.

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