November 13, 2017

Video: PassportUSA Info for Your Family

VIDEO: PassportUSA Info for Your Family

"PassportUSA Info for Your Family" Video Transcript

Your loved one is considering immigrating to the USA for new exciting opportunities � and they've shortlisted PassportUSA to be their visa sponsor and employer. This video explains why you as a family member should feel comfortable AND excited for them to choose PassportUSA.PassportUSA is the largest recruiter of international healthcare professionals to the USA. With over a decade of experience, our operations are certified to meet the highest industry standards AND we're a founding member of an association devoted to the ethical recruitment of international healthcare professionals.After your family member signs with PassportUSA, they will be helped by a team of professionals including immigration attorneys, career advisors, English language coaches, NCLEX preparation instructors, travel and housing coordinators and more. And once in the USA it's likely your loved one will work alongside a fellow international healthcare professional or may arrive at a facility with a PassportUSA community already established.Wondering how much this costs? PassportUSA has never, and will never, charge for services. As an agency, hospitals pay our invoices, not our nurses. We even cover airfare to the USA and provide a housing stipend to establish a U.S. home.PassportUSA is a Best Places to Work� award winner and your family member will have ample orientation and training to work in a long-term, full-time position at a great healthcare facility. Consider this . . . 86% of our healthcare professionals choose to stay at their original work location even after their PassportUSA contract ends.PassportUSA is family-friendly and encourages spouses and eligible dependents to come to the USA. We provide legal assistance to help with family members' visas and our paid time off package fosters family bonding during memorable vacations.This is a big decision, but know that PassportUSA has helped hundreds of nurses like your loved one achieve their American dream. You can check out PassportUSA's recent arrivals online at backslash arrivals.

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