August 31, 2016

Wait and Don't Lose Hope - Christine #WelcomeWednesday

“Wait and Don't Lose Hope.My journey to the USA was very challenging and disappointing. There are a lot of obstacles -- I've encountered two retrogressiond and I was abandoned by my previous employer. But, I did not give up. Thanks to my previous Philippine agency who told me about Health Carousel. I signed up and they were very active in responding to my inquiries and concerns. I still faced some difficulties in the process like other requirements and examinations, most especially in taking IELTS, which was so hard to pass. I’m so thankful to Health Carousel especially to Sir Karlo who gave me hope and referred me to their IELTS coordinator. I've waited 8 years in my life to finally say "this is it!" My American dream come true. My deepest thanks to all staff of Health Carousel especially to Ma'am Cheryl, Ma'am Liza, Ma'am Roda, Ma'am Nyra, and Sir Karlo, I'm so blessed to have you as my agency. Thank you and God bless."PROFESSION: Registered Nurse CANDIDATE NAME: Christine LOCATION: Texas DEPLOYMENT DATE: August 24, 2016

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