July 19, 2022

Welcome to Iowa, Jean Michael

Jean Michael, RN

Arrival Date: 6/8/22

Arrival Location: Iowa

I’ve been with Health Carousel since 2017. It was a long and difficult journey but it was all worth it. I am now fulfilling my dreams along with my wife with help of very supportive staffs/advisors of Health Carousel. They’re always there to answer all my queries, help me out with things I don’t understand (especially with filling out confusing forms) and they always have time to follow up the things we need to comply and update us regarding where We are at the application process. One one more thing, even if we already arrived in the U.S., the support is still great and we feel special and loved. We couldn’t ask for more better company than Health Carousel and I’ll be forever grateful to them.
One of the things I’ve learned from this whole journey is to have faith and patience and it’ll all be worth it in the end. A message to my fellow healthcare professionals - trust the process, be patient, comply with requirements asap, pray and before you know it, you’ll be one step closer to fulfilling your dreams. - Jean Michael

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