October 21, 2015

#WelcomeWednesday - Hernan

From: PhilippinesU.S. Arrival: October 2015Occupation: PTDestination: OR

Getting to the US was difficult and numerous problems arose but Health Carousel’s PassportUSA program helped me in all the challenges I encountered. They offered help from the beginning until the moment I leave the country with financial assistance, guidance, and review program to ensure a placement for work. My journey to work abroad has been smooth-sailing because I know that the people I am working with are always ready to help. They are easily accessible and I can contact them anytime when I need their advice. Also, the people who assisted me are approachable and friendly even when dealing with my difficult concerns. I am very glad to be part of a team that supports and guides its members in every step of the way. Thank you, Health Carousel!

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