August 12, 2015

#WelcomeWednesday - Maria - RN

From: PhilippinesU.S. Arrival: August 2015Occupation: RNDestination: TXIt's been less than a year since Passport USA took me under its care and together, we've hurdled a lot of bumps along the way. After about six years of waiting, then being abandoned by my former employer, I was ready to give up on my dream of working in the USA. Fortunately, my immigration attorney gave a list of agencies I could contact to recapture my case and PPUSA was fast to come to my rescue. From then on, we've been exchanging a steady stream of e-mails and phone calls regarding what I have to submit or accomplish. Even now that I am days away from flying to Texas, PPUSA still is in constant communication with me, ensuring that everything will be fine up until my arrival in US. For this, I am extremely grateful.

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