July 29, 2015

#WelcomeWednesday - Regie - RN

My journey of going to America wasn’t that easy. I started it in 2004 after I passed my local board exam. I was petitioned and abandoned several times by an employer due to retrogressions.  Driven by my great desire to help my family, I set aside my frustrations in 2007 and worked in the Middle East. I didn't know then that God was only preparing me to acquire the knowledge and skills I would need before I enter the US health industry. Come end of 2013,  when my priority date was nearing, I decided to look for a reputable agency who will pursue and not leave me again. That’s when I found and committed myself to my 4th agency Passport USA/ Health Carousel. After passing all the required exams, completing all the trainings, seminars and documents, they started filing my petition. It took only 7 months for me and my family to finally get our immigrant visa.Now, my long lost dream of living and working in the US as a nurse has come true.  All of this would not be possible without the prayers of my family, friends, and colleagues and of course the help of the staff of Passport USA/Health Carousel. Thank you very much especially to Ms. Glenda, Ms. Je- Ann, Ms. Roda, who helped me a lot to accomplish all the requirements. To Ms. Valerie for briefing me with the pre-deployment procedures. To Ms. Nyra and Ms. Connie thank you and congratulations for helping us health professionals achieved our American dream.To those who are caught again by retrogression, don't lose hope. Passport USA is the agency who will guide you all throughout and not leave you behind. Just focus, commit and have the determination to achieve your goals in life.From: PhilippinesU.S. Arrival: July 2015Occupation: RNDestination: TX

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