January 3, 2018

What to Do When Your Flight is Delayed or Canceled

Over 100,000 flights are canceled every year by airlines. �This is actually a very common occurrence; if your flight becomes canceled or delayed, remain calm and don't worry. �You have a team at PassportUSA who are here to help you.The moment you are aware that your flight will be either delayed or canceled, you will need to find details of when the next available flight out will be.

  • If you are in the airport, go to your original airline's service counter (Delta, American Airlines, United, etc.). An agent there will be able to tell you the next available flight out. You may have a flight that leaves soon after, or in some cases, you may have to stay the entire night in that city and catch a flight the next day.
  • If a flight is available that same day, the agent will issue you a new ticket to board your new flight.
  • If the flight is not until the next day, depending on the reason of the delay (bad weather, aircraft problems, missed the connection), the airline may or may not present you with a hotel voucher. A hotel voucher will cover the cost of a one night stay for you, so you have somewhere to sleep that night.� If that specific hotel does not have a shuttle, you may find yourself being responsible for calling a taxi to take you to your hotel, and back again in the morning.� Customer service counters and transportation counters throughout the airports can help you with this.
  • In some instances, the airline will not issue you a hotel voucher and you will need to communicate with us quickly so we can reserve you a hotel nearby, at any hour. Call your Travel and Housing Coordinator or email them directly or at PPUSAtravelhousing@passportusa.com regardless of the delay.
  • Don't try to call the airlines directly; there are usually very long hold times and your Travel Team will be able to find a solution for you much quicker.

You will most likely not have internet access or a US phone activated when your flight is canceled/delayed so if you can, first, try to find a phone and call your International Employee Supervisor (IES) or your Travel & Housing Coordinator.� If you happen to have a phone with you, most airports do have wi-fi, so try to at least send us an email of your delay.� As long as your trip was booked through our Travel Management Company, we should receive notice of your delay and start working on it, and we'll be able to notify our representative who is meeting you.We don't recommend trying to catch another flight with a different airline than your original; you will have to pay to re-check all your luggage and pay for the entire new flight; it cannot be transferred over.Lastly, remember that even if you miss your scheduled flight, we are trained on how to handle these situations.� You will still be able to complete all of your necessary requirements and we will be in constant communication with you.� In the event of a delay/cancellation, you should always contact your International Employee Supervisor (IES) and Travel and Housing Coordinator as soon as possible so we can re-route your trip safely.

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