August 22, 2018

World Physical Therapy Day 2018: Movement for Health

World Physical Therapy Day occurs every year on September 8 and is organized by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy. It is a day dedicated to Physical Therapists all over the world, recognizing them for their work. The main theme every year is the "Movement for Health".Physical therapists help people regain mobility and strength. Through manual force, mechanical force, exercise therapy, and electrotherapy, they can help restore body functions. They are an asset to the allied health professions because they can reduce the need for surgeries and reduce the long-term use of prescription painkillers.

PassportUSA would like to celebrate the work our hundreds of PTs working in the USA perform each day to make patients' lives better. To share your appreciation for physical therapists, use the hashtag #WorldPTDay.To get started on your journey to the USA, simply register with us.

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