July 6, 2016

It Was All Worth It - Charade #WelcomeWednesday

"As I look back, I never imagined that my American Dream would become a reality. After being abandoned and a victim of retrogression, I thought I am not meant for the USA but truly God is there and He makes everything beautiful in His time.Thank you God for making Health Carousel an instrument in fulfilling my dreams. All the staffs who assist me (Sir Karlo, Sir Mark, Ms. Kim) in every step of the way. I won’t say the road I tackled was easy, especially in complying all the requirements but in the end, I was able to say that it was all worth it.Days from now, I will be in the USA. I am thrilled and nervous at the same time and sometimes I ask myself, “Is this really happening or am I just dreaming?" But this is it! The one that I’ve been waiting for. I am happy and confident to work as a USRN for I know my Health Carousel Family will continuously guide me and God is there in every endeavor.Thank you so much my Health Carousel Family!!!"PROFESSION: Registered Nurse CANDIDATE NAME: Charade LOCATION: Tennessee DEPLOYMENT DATE: June 29th, 2016

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