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Are you a registered nurse with dreams to come work in the United States? PassportUSA wants to help.

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Healthcare Professionals.

International healthcare professionals can place their trust in our ethical standards and track record of successful U.S. placement.


Medical Technologists

Physical Therapists

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PassportUSA has helped over 3000 Healthcare Professionals get placed on assignment in the USA

Process Timeline

Explore the simplicity of our immigration process.

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Step One
We’ll have a conversation about your goals, our standards, and how we work together to achieve both.

You’ll interview with one of our international recruiters and learn how to get qualified for the PassportUSA program. Upon signing up and joining our program, an International Program Associate (IPA) will guide you through the documentation process so we can file a successful visa petition.

Step Two
Application review prior to submitting.

After you gather all of the necessary documents, our experienced legal team will review your application numerous times before submitting your packet to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The ball is rolling! But there’s still work to be done.

Step Three
Issued a priority date and an International Deployment Advocate.

From there, nurses and EB-3 filings will be issued a priority date when your petition has been approved by USCIS, which represents your “place in line” to obtain your visa. Physical therapists, on the other hand, are filed mostly using H-1B visas and enter a lottery system, which unfortunately does not guarantee placement. Once granted approval for a visa, your IPA will assign you to an International Deployment Advocate (IDA) who will help you through the remainder of the process.

Step One
Sign your documents and begin working.

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