Light the Way

We shine the way towards ethical, sustainable recruitment.

Through Light the Way, we aim to improve upon our high standards as a social enterprise that makes strategic investments in the global nursing community.

We invest in nurse recognition, scholarship, and training programs as a means to develop more nurses abroad than we recruit to America.

While we respect the global migration rights of the individual, we examine the local nursing supply of countries and regions before developing nurse recruitment partnerships or investing in on-the-ground and electronic program marketing.

We will be a positive force in combatting the dire global nursing shortage that is expected to reach a shortfall of 6 million by 2030.

“It has never been so evident as during these uncertain times of COVID-19, that highly successful organizations such as Health Carousel have a certain social responsibility that heightens as they grow. As a social enterprise, we like to say that ‘we do well by doing good.’ Light the Way puts a lot of our development and reinvestment activities for clients, healthcare professionals, internal employees, and even foreign government entities under one umbrella. It is somewhat coincidental, but very meaningful, that all of this is coming together during a year when the fortitude and ethics of companies and individuals are being put to the test."

— Bill DeVille, Health Carousel CEO

Light the Way Initiative

DAISY International Advocate

We partnered with the DAISY Foundation to form the International Advocate program, which expands DAISY’s worldwide reach to more countries with severe nursing shortages.

Through this program PassportUSA is providing DAISY Awards for nurses in Ghana and Uganda, both of whose government health agencies needed sponsorship to bring recognition awards to their compassionate nurses.

Recognition programs such as The DAISY Award are vital in shortage-stricken countries as they build resiliency and retention within the healthcare profession.

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