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Why Health Carousel International?

We Deliver the American Dream Through our PassportUSA Program.

Our purpose is to improve lives and make healthcare work better.
Health Carousel International enriches the lives of global healthcare professionals by providing life-changing opportunities at leading U.S. healthcare organizations. Our global healthcare professionals provide expert care while improving the lives of millions of patients across the U.S. and create long-term solutions to crippling staffing shortages.

“My life's inspiration was to come to the USA. I joined the PassportUSA program in 2017 and I want to express my gratitude and appreciation toward them. They are like angels without wings. I was deeply moved by their patience and expertise while answering all of my queries. I highly recommend Health Carousel International and the PassportUSA program to anyone who is a registered nurse."
-Bini, RN

“The process was surprisingly enjoyable and has paid off. Our system currently has about 100 foreign nurses on assignment through the PassportUSA program, and the health system’s managers give them high evaluation scores. Bringing international nurses onto their healthcare delivery teams is an important tool in our toolbox to ensure it’s adequately and capably staffed.”
-Arlene, Director of Talent Acquisition, Leading Multi-Hospital System

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Ethical Guidelines

Lighting the Way to Legal, Ethical & Socially Responsible International Healthcare Recruitment

We are a founding member of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR), and we have been recognized as a Certified Ethical Recruitment Firm by the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices. This means we are dedicated to delivering on the highest standards of ethical conduct among all of the organizations engaged in international recruitment.

Fairness in

Health Carousel International (HCI) is transparent in all employment contracts, including rights, responsibilities and obligations of both parties, as well as all known details of employment and duration of assignments. Providers are given the right to consult an attorney prior to entering into any contract. HCI ensures that any material changes to the employment contract include the informed consent of both parties.

Employer-Paid Recruitment Expenses

Health Carousel International supports the Employer Pays Principle, which means that we are responsible for all costs of recruitment and we do not charge recruitment fees to the healthcare provider if they complete their initial assignment period.

Freedom from

Health Carousel International is compliant with all US discrimination laws and provides a recruitment experience, and requires its customers to provide a workplace that is free from discrimination and retaliation.


Health Carousel International pays wage rates that meet or exceed Prevailing Wages for all hours worked by the healthcare professional, including overtime, as required by the US Department of Labor.

Freedom of

Employment with Health Carousel International (HCI) is voluntary throughout the recruitment and employment process.  HCI believes that neither party should be stuck in an unsatisfying relationship.  So, employment with HCI is structured as an “at-will” employment relationship that allows ether party the choice to legally and responsibly terminate the employment relationship.  

Respect for
Source Countries

Health Carousel International demonstrates respect for source countries by following their laws and avoiding harm to their healthcare infrastructure by depleting scarce healthcare professional talent. 

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