What We Do

Making dreams come true, one healthcare professional at a time.

Helping global healthcare professionals realize their American dreams.

We also combat domestic and international nursing shortages that threaten to undermine healthcare systems all around the world in the coming decade.

Both endeavors are beyond rewarding, especially when we see the smiles on the faces of the incredible people whom we’re able to place in our programs and the relief we provide our understaffed clients.


Professions we help

We work with global healthcare professionals.

Registered Nurses

Medical Technologists

Physical Therapists

Occupational Therapists

Speech Pathologists

A force for ethical recruitment.

PassportUSA is vehemently against labor trafficking and seeks strategic alliances to help in that crusade. Our organization strictly adheres to the codes of industry-leading associations such as the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR) and CGFNS International’s Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices.

Making healthcare work better.

In providing long-term workforce strategies to overcome chronic healthcare worker shortages, PassportUSA helps organizations exceed growth goals and meet growing patient demand. We collaborate with clients to design a custom program that fits their specific situation, and those clients have complete control over the interview and selection processes as they choose the healthcare professionals best suited to their unique needs.


The average annual performance review score of a PassportUSA healthcare professional across 9 key job performance criteria.

Adding PassportUSA global healthcare professionals to your workforce pays dividends for years to come. They arrive in the US ready to improve patient care and very often stay on at their selected healthcare facility well after their assignment period has ended.

What can PassportUSA do for you?

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Our credibility is our livelihood. The global healthcare workers whom we recruit and place in employment arrive ready to contribute to their assigned healthcare organizations and the communities in which they live.  

PassportUSA is your partner in creating and implementing an international staffing program, by offering turnkey recruitment, credentialing, visa sponsorship, relocation, USA acclimation, clinical transition program, and our subject matter expert Quality Improvement Team (QIN).

The healthcare facilities we partner with must be safe, be welcoming to foreign-trained healthcare professionals, promote equality, provide exceptional patient care, give adequate access to proper personal protective equipment, and be committed to the career growth and learning of its workforce.