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The largest international healthcare staffing agency in the United States

Our Mission

We improve lives and make healthcare work better through recruiting the best in international talent, ethically and responsibly. We believe in making a positive impact not only on the professionals we recruit, but on the communities and facilities they serve. This helps to ensure the highest quality of healthcare services for everyone.

At the core of our mission, we are clinically led, driven by a commitment to excellence in healthcare.

The #1 Largest International Healthcare Staffing Firm

Our extensive network of healthcare facilities and premier job opportunities have earned the title of the Largest International Staffing Firm in the United States by Staffing Industry Analysis (SIA).

The Most Experienced International Nurse Recruitment Agency in the Industry

We have connected the best global healthcare talent with rewarding US nursing careers for over 19 years. Your American Dream is our commitment, and we deliver what we promise. As a leading international nurse recruitment agency that has successfully sponsored over 3,000 healthcare professionals and their families, Health Carousel International (HCI) can help you explore new opportunities and advance your nursing career.

Experience the expertise that defines us by exploring the journeys of those we have proudly supported.

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Our Story

Our parent company, Health Carousel, began with a mission to ethically recruit foreign-educated healthcare professionals, alleviating staffing challenges in the US healthcare system. As the industry evolved, so did our vision. 

Beyond easing staffing pressures, we aimed to enrich the lives of both nurses and patients. This transformation led to the creation of the PassportUSA program, dedicated to helping nurses achieve their American dream. By bridging the gap between skilled healthcare professionals and facilities, we not only fill positions but also ignite careers and transform lives, one success story at a time.

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An International Staffing Agency You Can Trust

Core Values

Our company's success hinges on staying true to values that reflect our mission, vision, and higher purpose. These core values serve as the compass for all our decisions, policies, and systems:

Teamwork: Achieve More Together
We navigate the complex road to your American career together, celebrating milestones and overcoming hurdles as a united force.

Excellence: Raise the Bar
We believe in empowering your confidence through thorough preparation, ensuring you hit the ground running with the knowledge and expertise to excel in your American nursing career.

Integrity: Do the Right Thing
We navigate the healthcare system with the highest ethical standards, ensuring a smooth and trustworthy journey for you.

Service: Go the Extra Mile
Think of us as your healthcare concierge, smoothing your transition and supporting your career growth every step of the way.

Our team goes above and beyond to ensure foreign-educated nurses arrive in the US ready to work. We do so much more than just match candidates with healthcare providers. We do our best to help our international nurses prepare for their new job, acclimate to life in the US, and provide ongoing support throughout their entire nursing career.

Meet Our Clinical Leaders

Donita Ross | MSN, RN, NE BC, CGNC
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Donita Ross, Associate Chief Nursing Officer & Vice President of Health Carousel International, brings over 29 years of acute hospital experience to the team. As a former manager of perioperative, medical surgical, and oncology services at Tri-Health Hospital System, a 320-bed acute care facility, Donita intimately knows the innerworkings of a hospital setting.  
She significantly impacted Health Carousel International clients by leveraging her wide-ranging and robust clinical experience, establishing herself as a trusted advisor while bringing invaluable clinical insights that help improve nurses' success while on assignment. 
Donita has also led presentations on US work opportunities for foreign nurses. She is a certified Global Nurse Consultant (2021), and she keenly understands the global nursing industry and its unique challenges and advantages. 
During her time with Health Carousel, Donita has won the Cincinnati Business Courier’s Health Care Hero Award (2020), and the American Staffing Association’s Women in Leadership Scholarship (2021). In 2023, she was admitted into the Marian K. Shaughnessy Nurse Leadership Academy Coldiron Senior Nurse Executive Fellowship Program. 
Earl Dalton | MHA,MSL, BSN, RN, NEA-BC: Executive Fellow
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Earl Dalton, Chief Nursing Officer at Health Carousel, brings over 28 years of acute hospital experience to the team. Earl provides guidance and best practices from his vast experience to help create the best nursing experience possible. In a new era of health care where nothing is more important than the patient experience, Health Carousel gains the knowledge and expertise of a patient experience expert.

As a testament to his leadership, Earl was invited to speak to a national audience at the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses on “innovative transformational leadership” in October of 2012, and has spoken internationally at such notable events such as the Philippines Nurse association annual conference and International DAISY day. Additionally, he was published in Customer Care News for innovation in customer experience in 2015.  In 2016, Earl was voted "most distinguished" nurse leader in Cincinnati. Currently Earl is appointed to the Joint Commission staffing advisory panel, The Joint Commission technical advisory committee and is an elected board member of the National Association of Travel Healthcare organizations (NATHO).

Prior to joining Health Carousel in 2016, Earl worked for Tri-Health Systems, a 320-bed acute care facility, as the Director of Emergency Services, where he helped lead a team that won the Lantern Award for exceptional practice and innovation in an emergency department setting. In 2023, Earl completed the Marian K. Shaughnessy Nurse Leadership Academy Coldiron Senior Nurse Executive Fellowship Program.

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