December 16, 2019

Building Healthy Work Relationships

It's important to build healthy work relationships to create a cohesive work environment. By having positive interactions with staff, coworkers, and patients, it will make your work shifts more enjoyable.

Defining A Good Relationship

A good relationship is based on:

  • Trust - This is the foundation of all relationships but also the hardest to maintain. Demonstrate to others that they can count on you and that you follow through on what you say you're going to do.
  • Teamwork - Offer to help others when they need it and be flexible and prepared for anything that may arise during your shift.
  • Communication - Be receptive and accept constructive feedback and be transparent on how you can improve and how you are improving to your team and supervisor.
  • Respect - Time is valuable to everyone. Some tasks are dependent on others to finish first before the next action. Be mindful of each other's time, priorities, and efforts.

Ways To Build A Good Relationship

This may not come naturally easy to do for everyone. It will take personal dedication, time, and effort to achieve a good rapport with the people you spend most of your time working with.

  • Think before you speak - Calmly process what you're about to say to not lash out about anything and to remain professional.
  • Tolerance - This means being patient and understanding. Consider other people's cultures and opinions and have sympathy for those who are in pain or whose families are going through hard times at the moment.
  • Be a good listener - Proactively listening to your patient's needs and what your coworkers are saying to you will help you understand their priorities.
  • Do not participate in gossip - Spreading rumors is unprofessional and you should dismiss anything you hear about coworkers and report to your nurse supervisor and PassportUSA IES if you hear any rumors about yourself.
  • Give praise - Did you see anyone going above and beyond their call of duty? If there is somewhere at work to write shout-outs, feel free to do so.
  • Be positive - Do others view you as a friendly person at work? Even the simple acts of smiling, looking people in the eye, and saying hello to strangers and coworkers as you see them throughout the shifts can make you look approachable and nice.

Considering the ways above will enhance how you work with others and in turn, you'll have positive relationships with the people you work with.Feel free to reach out to your most current assigned PassportUSA representative if you have any questions.Be sure to check out more great articles in the�Employee Education Center�to help you succeed in your new life in the USA!If you are not contracted with us and are interested in joining PassportUSA, apply with us today!

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