May 22, 2020

Video: IELTS 101 to live in and work in the U.S. as a nurse? You'll need to prove your English skills before your visa can be issued. That means passing the International English Language Testing System exam � otherwise known as IELTS. This video explains the IELTS exam and how to prepare for it. This is IELTS 101.The IELTS exam is designed to assess the English language ability of non-native English speakers. It's available at over 1,100 locations worldwide on 48 testing dates. WATCH OUT because there are two IELTS exam versions � academic, and general training. As a nurse or medical-technologist, you MUST take the IELTS Academic exam.The entire IELTS exam will last two hours and 45 minutes and is divided into separately scored sections: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. The listening section lasts 30 minutes, reading and writing are 60 minutes, and speaking is about 14.So, what score does it take to get a US visa? The exam uses a scale from 1 to nine to identify proficiency from non-user to expert. You'll need an overall score of six-and-a-half and a seven on the speaking portion to meet U.S visa standards.If that sounds hard, don't worry. PassportUSA healthcare professionals get free IELTS test prep resources, discounts to our partner review centers and access to an English language coach.Statistically you're more likely to succeed than you may think. Although the IELTS is not an easy exam, 75 percent of first-time test takers score a 6.5 overall band score or higher. For more tips on passing IELTS, visit�

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Did you know that candidates that work with PassportUSA get free IELTS training materials and even personalized coaching when they request help? That's just another reason to choose PassportUSA as your agency to make your #AmericanDream come true.

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