October 26, 2021

No Clinical Experience? No Problem!

Your US RN career is within reach.

No Clinical Experience? No Problem! But How?

Introducing the Health Carousel Clinical Residency Program: an exclusive virtual residency program that prepares foreign-educated healthcare professionals to practice as a nurse in the USA.

Qualifications for the HC Clinical Residency Program:

·      Must be an RN

·      Passed the NCLEX

·      Must be willing to complete the HC Clinical Residency Program to prepare to work as a USRN

Are you:

1) Not currently working as a nurse and/or has never worked as a nurse?

2) A recent graduate

3) Have clinical experience gaps

4) Current working as a nurse in an area/specialization that not marketing to our US clients (ie: dental, utilization review, BPO, plastic surgery, community health, etc.)

If you answered yes to any of the options above, the HC Clinical Residency Program may be the perfect option for you to begin your USRN career.

How long is the program?

As part of this program, you will take part in 6 months of offshore & virtual program support which consists of 10-12 hours a month of e-learning modules to complete on your own time beginning with core nursing knowledge, basic Med Surg competencies, critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills. Followed by 6 months of clinical, hands-on experience at an assignment location in the USA and completion of orientation. You will then re-engage in the HC Clinical Residency Program for an additional 6 months (10-12hrs per month of virtual learning). The focus of these modules for the second part of the program will be Professional Practice in the USA.

Is this a pass/fail program?

No, but we do expect participation and demonstrated improvement through course which will be monitored closely by PassportUSA's Quality Improvement Nurse team.

What specialty does the program focus on?

It is not specialty or unit focused. The content will focus mainly on core nursing 101, basic med-surg competencies, critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills.

What is the cost to join the program?

There are no fees to join this program or any PassportUSA nursing program.

To learn more, review the recording of our Facebook Live event or register below to talk with one of our recruiters.

HC Clinical Residency Program

RN's: No Clinical Experience? No Problem! Introducing PassportUSA's HC Clinical Residency Program! Your USRN Career is Within Reach.

Posted by Passport USA on Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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