November 8, 2019

Respect and Dignity Working in the USA - Rey

Each month, our International Employee Supervisor Team selects one or two spectacular A-players on assignment to showcase their journey. We asked our healthcare professional to share his or her story of perseverance, adjustment and professional growth.Rey is from the Philippines and is currently working at a client facility in Pennsylvania. He has been working in his field for 11 years and with PassportUSA for over 1 year.Why did you decide to become a registered nurse? "I love caring for people in a hospital setting. It was my childhood dream profession. Also, it's my dream to become a USRN."

"I rate PassportUSA as a 9, I am very likely to recommend PassportUSA to other healthcare professionals."

Before coming to the US, where did you practice your profession?�"I worked in the Philippines at a university medical center as an instructor and in the medical unit. I have also worked at a memorial medical center in the ICU and as a nurse educator. In Dubai, I worked in the urology and nephrology units at a hospital."Why did you want to come to the US? "Since my childhood years, my ambition was to see and experience the RN life in the USA. That's why I completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the Philippines."How did you first hear of PassportUSA?�"I first heard of PassportUSA many years ago through newspaper ads in the Philippines and later on through the Internet and Facebook. I always received email advertisements from PassportUSA."How is your experience working with your PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor?�"She is awesome! I was properly guided from the very start of my journey. The entire team is very prompt in all of my queries. They will always get in touch with you."Would you recommend PassportUSA to other people and why?�"Yes! I was an abandoned case from my previous employer; however my visa case was recaptured by PassportUSA and they helped me fulfill my American dream."Please rate how likely you are to recommend PassportUSA to other healthcare professionals. "I rate PassportUSA as a 9, I am very likely to recommend PassportUSA to other healthcare professionals."How has your life and your family's life changed for the better? "I am very happy and grateful to God because with my previous employer who first petitioned me, I got a USCIS priority date and unluckily I got abandoned. I thought that was the end of my American journey. But thank God because PassportUSA recaptured my case, and I am content realizing I am now living my dream profession - as a USRN. Fulfilling my American dream is a hard-won experience. Thanks most especially to PassportUSA, I am delighted now to be living my life in the USA."How have you grown professionally? "Working as a RN here in the USA will give you a great deal of experiences in all aspects of your professional career: intellectually, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. That is what I am experiencing."How does working in the USA differ from your healthcare career abroad?�"Working in the US is different than my last RN job outside the US because here in the US, you will be treated with respect and dignity in the nursing profession."Thank you Rey for sharing your amazing journey so far. We appreciate your hard work and dedication in your profession and our company!If you're a nurse, PT, or medical technologist who is not being guided to your dream of the USA by PassportUSA, simply register with us today and we'll help get your journey to the USA underway!

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