August 21, 2020

Respected As A Great Nurse - Shaila Joy

Each month, the PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor Team selects one or two spectacular A-players on assignment to showcase their journey. We asked our healthcare professional to share his or her story of perseverance, adjustment and professional growth.Shaila Joy is from the Philippines and is currently working at a client facility in Virginia. She has been working in her field for 10 years and has been with PassportUSA for almost 1 year.Why did you decide to become a registered nurse? "I decided to pursue my nursing career because of the multitude of opportunities to work abroad and the chance to learn different specialties."Before coming to the U.S., where did you practice your profession? "I previously worked in the dialysis unit in a hospital in the Philippines. I also volunteered as a med-surg nurse."Why did you want to come to the U.S.? "I wanted to come to the U.S. to broaden my nursing experience and I have some relatives in the U.S. who influenced me to come work here."How did you first hear of PassportUSA?�"I discovered PassportUSA when I attended a conference where they talked about the company and the opportunities offered. Then I looked at their website and applied for their program right away."How is your experience working with your PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor so far? "My IES, Hunter, is very helpful and responds to my queries in a timely manner. He checks on me periodically and makes sure that I am doing well overall. He is very easy to work with and I am glad he is my IES."Would you recommend PassportUSA to other people and why?�"Yes! I recommend PassportUSA because they process your visa for you. They have different programs available, depending on your qualifications."How does working in the U.S. differ from your healthcare career abroad? "Working here in the U.S. gives me more autonomy as a registered nurse. The facility values nurses' input and they give us a lot of respect."How have you grown professionally? "In the short time that I have started my career in the U.S., I can say that I have grown professionally in the sense that I can collaborate more with the healthcare team and enhance my critical thinking skills."How has your life and your family's life changed for the better? "I am confident I will experience more benefits now that I am working in the U.S. Long-term success is on my mind and it makes me feel at peace."What is your favorite quote? "Great things never came from comfort zones."[caption id="attachment_355143" align="aligncenter" width="680"]

"I'm very grateful to the other PassportUSA nurses at my facility. They are very helpful and always willing to extend a helping hand when needed!" -Shaila Joy (second from the left)[/caption]

Thank you Shaila Joy for sharing your amazing journey so far. We appreciate your hard work and dedication in your profession and our company!

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