August 21, 2020

A Dream Come True - Normarica

#ThankfulThursdays posts celebrate the career and personal achievements of our healthcare professionals who have reached the end of their temp-to-perm assignments at their assigned PassportUSA client healthcare organizations.

PassportUSA is honored to have employed Normarica, a registered nurse, who has now reached the end of her temp-to-perm assignment.While she was on assignment, Normarica's family was able to travel to different places, learn about different cultures, and made lots of new friends. She and her family were able to celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July for the first time, and commemorate their move to America by dressing up in red, white, and blue.�Normarica lives a balanced work-life and is always eager to enhance her nursing skills. Her coworkers rave about her cheerful and professional demeanor and the help she has provided so far.

A Top Performer

Normarica happily accepts the challenges of being a med-surg nurse. She won the PassportUSA RN Employee of the Month award in October of 2016, and finished the year by winning the PassportUSA RN Employee of the Year award! She has received numerous WOW letters from patients thanking her for the care she provided them. Normarica also received an abundance of callback appreciation cards from discharged patients, showing her dedication to bringing the best care to every person she treats. Being recognized by both your peers and your patients for excellence is a huge honor, and shows what an impact Normarica has had on the community she works in.In Normarica's final annual performance review, her facility's Med-surg Director stated,

"Normarica meets unit expectations and goals. She communicates well with her patients, families, and coworkers. She is an asset to our unit and a role model for others."

Reflecting on Her Journey

"PassportUSA processed my papers in a timely manner. My American dream came true and here I am exploring the opportunities. I want to thank my PassportUSA International Employee Supervisor, Ashley, for being there for me all throughout my work assignment, and I'd like to thank my coworkers for helping me hone my nursing skills so we can continue to provide excellent care to patients. One life event that I could have never imagined come true was when my son joined the US Army in October 2018. Now I can say that I am a proud US Army parent!"

What's next for Normarica?

Normarica happily accepted a direct employment offer from thefacility. We know she will continue to exceed her employer's and patients' expectations. She is elated to be working for a facility that has accommodating staff and coworkers to feel like she's part of a cohesive work family. She appreciates the recognition for her hard work and dedication to patients. Her family is looking forward to living the rest of their lives in the USA.[caption id="attachment_352247" align="aligncenter" width="375"]

"Dream big and you can achieve it!" -Normarica[/caption]

Thank you Normarica! We wish you the best of luck.

If you are a registered nurse who wishes to live and work in the USA, simply click the button below to apply with us today and we'll help get your journey to the USA underway!Are you a U.S. healthcare organization seeking a long-term nursing workforce solution? Click the button for more information on how PassportUSA connects healthcare institutions with exceptional global talent.

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