May 22, 2020

NCLEX-Passed RNs Should Sign with PassportUSA Before IELTS

Some NCLEX-passed nurses may hesitate to sign the PassportUSA agreement until they achieve their required IELTS scores.

Here are three reasons why this is not the best decision:

1) To begin with, Passport USA offers comprehensive IELTS test preparation programs complete with practice tests, graded writing, reading, and listening assessments as well as personalized feedback. In addition, we offer personalized speaking instruction through our SKYPE online practice sessions and access to your own email support tutor, and more. Speak to your international recruiter for more details.2) You will have access to an IELTS predictive exam that will give you a real-time snapshot of how prepared you are to sit for this exam.3) But most impressive, PassportUSA will pay for the IELTS test registration fees upfront if you score sufficiently well on our IELTS predictive exam. The IELTS exam costs about $200 USD �- why spend $200 of your own hard-earned money when PassportUSA will cover the costs?If all of this sounds good to you, click the button below to apply. Or if you already have, contact your PassportUSA recruiter today and ask them about our IELTS Assistance Program you can use to conquer your English exam!

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