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For Candidates

Joining the PassportUSA Program

What professions do you hire?

We are currently and primarily hiring registered nurses. However, we also staff physical therapists, medical technologists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists in healthcare facilities all over the U.S.

What countries does PassportUSA recruit from?

We work with candidates from all over the world. However, healthcare professionals from some countries will find the path to America to be more feasible than others. Qualifying for US licensure and US visas requires:
 - Educational Equivalency to US standards for the profession
- English proficiency verified by examination.    
- US Licensure Examination. If a US licensure text center is not available in your home country, you may have to travel to a country that offers the exams.    
- Ethical Sourcing Standards – If you are a citizen of a country with a shortage of healthcare professionals in your profession, we may not be able to recruit you, please schedule an interview with one of our international recruiters to find out if you qualify.

What qualifications do I need to apply for the PassportUSA Achieve Program?

The PassportUSA Achieve  program is for Registered Nurses only at this time. You may apply at any time  on our website, however, to qualify to join the Achieve program you must be a  Registered Nurse with the following: 

1. You must have passed NCLEX  (does not need to be active).
2. The length of work experience  required may be increased or decreased based on factors such as but not  limited to:

 - Quality of hospital
- Nurse-to-patient ratio
- Client facility requirements or specifications
- The relation between your previous experience and future practice

Please schedule an interview with one of our international recruiters to find out if you qualify.

Does PassportUSA require work experience?

PassportUSA prefers that you  have some previous experience performing bedside patient care in an acute care hospital or healthcare facility of your specialty. With this being said, we urge you to apply and schedule a time to speak with one of our experienced  recruiters about your specific skills, previous experience or current experience. The length of experience required at application/interview may be  increased or decreased based on various factors such as type of hospital,  client healthcare facility requirements or specifications and relation between previous experience and future practice in the USA.

Does it cost anything to join the PassportUSA program?

No and  PassportUSA covers the majority of your expenses to get to the USA including your immigration processing fees.

How do I apply for the PassportUSA program?

Please go to https://info.passportusa.com/register to register with us.

For Candidates

Visas and Licenses

What is the NCLEX exam?

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is for the purpose of determining if it is safe for you to begin practicing as a nurse in a U.S. healthcare facility. You can only obtain a U.S. RN License after passing the NCLEX.

How do I apply for the NCLEX?

Please read this article where we have detailed out the steps you need to take to apply for NCLEX.

Does the NCLEX expire?

No. Once you have passed it, you will not need to take it again! The NCLEX allows you to obtain a U.S. State Nursing License and even though your U.S. State License may be expired, your NCLEX is not expired. PassportUSA’s professional licensure team will help you navigate the intricacies of endorsing your NCLEX to the U.S. State Board of Nursing where you will be assigned.

What type of visa do you file for your nurses?

We file the EB-3, Green Card visa for all of our nurses! It allows you to stay in the USA permanently and you will even have the opportunity to apply to become a U.S. citizen eventually should you choose to do so.

Does PassportUSA pay for my visa filing fees?

Yes! If you are a part of our PassportUSA team, we advance your visa filing costs, including your NVC visa fee bills.

Can I bring my family with me to the U.S.?

Yes, you can bring your spouse and/or children under the age of 21 with you. Since we encourage our healthcare professionals to bring their spouse and/or children with them to the USA, we also gladly file your eligible family members’ visa petitions! We do not charge you for the attorney’s fees associated with the filings however we do require you to pay us back for their associated visa filing fees (PassportUSA will pay on your behalf to avoid delays in processing) before arriving to the USA. PassportUSA also allows you to bring them as soon as you deploy to the USA.

For Candidates

IELTS and VisaScreen

What is the IELTS?

The IELTS is the International English Language Testing System that the U.S. requires nurses to pass in order to obtain a VisaScreen Certificate which is required in order to obtain the EB-3 Green Card visa.

Will PassportUSA file my visa petition before I pass the IELTS exam?

Yes! If you meet our basic requirements, PassportUSA will file your EB3 green card visa petition with USCIS to secure you a priority date and place in line while you are studying for the IELTS exam. PassportUSA sponsors your IELTS study program, and you will have a dedicated associate to coach you through the process.

As a nurse, do I need to pass IELTS before joining PassportUSA?

No, you do not. Our PassportUSA IELTS Academy is set up exclusively for members of our program and they will have immediate access once they join! If you are a member of our team, we will pay for resources on your behalf, you will have a coach to help you achieve results and we also have an IELTS Program Manager who will assist with remediation to make sure there is no learning gap to prepare you for taking your English exam!

Which IELTS version will I need to take?

There are two types of IELTS however you will be required to pass the IELTS Academic in order to obtain your required VisaScreen certificate.

What is the VisaScreen Certificate?

It’s a certificate you receive for having a comprehensive screening service completed that evaluates your credentials, education and English language skills (IELTS). This certificate is required for healthcare professionals seeking an occupational visa to work in the United States. Applicants who successfully complete VisaScreen® receive an official ICHP Certificate for the VisaScreen and you will be required to present this certificate at the time of your official embassy interview.

Do I need a VisaScreen Certificate before I can join PassportUSA?

No, you do not. In fact, we are going to help you obtain both your IELTS and VisaScreen Certificate!

For Candidates

The Immigration Process

How will I know what documents and/or credentials I need for my U.S. immigration processing?

For the duration of your journey to America with PassportUSA, you will have an associate who is dedicated to each stage of the process. They are professionally trained to handle each step and coach you through to success. They will let you know what documents are required at each stage, coach you through how to obtain them and be your constant support on this journey. They are committed to providing you updates regarding your application and processing.

How long is the immigration process?

The fact that the U.S. immigration system can be affected by different policies, directives and administrations is the reality in which we live in the USA and no one knows this better than Health Carousel since we have successfully been in business over 16 years. For this reason, we are unable to guarantee a specific time frame that your visa petition will be filed and/or approved in. As always, we continue to remain committed to our candidates dreams to live and work in the United States and we know your commitment to us will pay off. Please remember that the immigration and placement process will vary for everyone. We deal with people, state boards, credentialing agencies and various governments (in the USA and abroad), which are all unpredictable. We cannot guarantee a timeline, but we can guarantee that we will get you here as fast as we are legally, and safely able to do so. It is our mission to fulfill your American dream and to improve lives and make healthcare work better in the USA. We will make this happen as soon as we possibly can, since getting you to the U.S. and started working is the only way our business is successful.

For Candidates

U.S. Assignment

Where in the U.S. will I be assigned to work?

PassportUSA works  with over 850 prestigious healthcare client facilities across all 50 U.S.  states and can accommodate preferences regarding assignment locations. During  your interview, please tell your International Recruiter what US state you  would like to work in, and we will use this information to find you an ideal  assignment location.

Do you provide orientation before starting in my U.S. assignment?

Because we want to ensure that you are successful in your new position, we provide our nurses with transition-to-practice courses before they start work and you will also go through orientation at your assignment location. You are paid for your orientation period at your assignment location.

Do you offer ongoing clinical support for your nurses in the USA?

Yes. PassportUSA offers a first-class transition to practice program to our healthcare professionals to ensure a successful change into their US RN career. We have a robust online learning management system and a team of internal nurse managers— nearly all who have decades of experience —to offer clinical support whenever it’s needed.
- We provide a customized 8-12 week pre-departure transition-to-practice course to prepare our candidates for their transition to practicing as a nurse in the USA. This includes intensive training which provides real life scenarios in a simulated, virtual setting to provide candidates with a true to life, US based clinical environment.
- We work with client healthcare facilities to develop clinical transition plans for the candidate commencing assignment in the USA.
- Healthcare professionals will have access to our support team of seasoned Nurse Managers which includes mentorship, tailored resources, and remediation where appropriate. If the client facility or the healthcare professional identify a clinical deficiency or professional development need, the Passport Nurse Managers are available to provide personalized support.

For Candidates

Deployment to the U.S.

Will PassportUSA help me arrange my travel and accommodations for deployment?

Yes! We have an entire team of travel and housing specialists who will arrange the logistics of your flight and housing. They will create a detailed itinerary for you and make sure someone from our team will be available to meet you when you arrive.

Does PassportUSA pay for my flight to the USA?

Yes. PassportUSA covers all of your travel related expenses. We will also provide you with an arrival advance, which is money to help you pay for your initial relocation expenses.  

Does PassportUSA pay for my housing when I get to the USA?

Yes. PassportUSA will provide you with an advance to cover costs of your temporary housing upon arrival.  

Will someone help me upon arriving to the USA?

Yes! Get ready for a warm welcome from one of our PassportUSA team members who will personally welcome you and give you the best arrival experience possible when you land on U.S. soil.

When I deploy for my USA assignment can I bring my family with me?

Yes! We encourage you to bring your family with you.

For Candidates

Life in America

What is the weather like in America?

The weather varies by location and season. Please read our article here.

What is it like to work as a nurse in America?

U.S. nurses are treated well with growing, respectable careers and healthy work environments. Teamwork and collaboration are appreciated, and opportunities are available for career advancement and higher education.

Will I make more money working in America?

Nursing jobs in the U.S. offer competitive pay and benefits. Oftentimes our employees send money back to their families in other countries and have disposable income for savings and leisure activities.

Does PassportUSA offer benefits?

Yes! Some of the benefits we offer are:
- No cost to join our program, no associated fees and we provide green card visa sponsorship for our nurses and eligible family members.
- We care about our healthcare professional's preference in their geo-location placement. PassportUSA has hundreds of prestigious healthcare facility locations in all 50 U.S. states.
- You can trust PassportUSA to act in a fair, ethical, and transparent way. PassportUSA is Joint Commission Certified, is a founding member of the AAIHR (American Association for International Healthcare Recruitment) and is a certified member of the CGFNS Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices.  
- You will receive industry-leading pay, starting at $30hr.
- Qualified nurses will be eligible for up to $15,000 with our milestone rewards program (NCLEX  $5000, IELTS $3000, completion bonuses $7000).
- PassportUSA will file your visa petition without active IELTS to keep the immigration process moving quickly while you study for IELTS.
- Assured Premium Processing for your visa petition (for qualifying RN’s). This means you get your response back from USCIS quickly.
- PassportUSA is your Career Partner for life. After you complete your initial assignment, you may either choose to continue working for the healthcare facility where you were initially assigned, or we can support you in securing another assignment of your choice that will fit you and your family’s needs.

Will I have support from PassportUSA while in America?

Yes, you will have a dedicated International Employee Supervisor that will act as your liaison and assist and guide you throughout the duration of your time with PassportUSA with work and non-work related inquires. We also have a clinical nurse support team who is also here to assist you during your time with PassportUSA as well if you feel that you need extra clinical support or enrichment tips for your development. Our clinical nurse support team is comprised of our nurse manager team who together have more than 30+ years of nursing experience.

Will my spouse be able to work in America?

It depends on the visa you receive. Read our article for further details.

Can you help me get my children registered for school?

For more information about the American Education System, check out this article here.

For Candidates

Post Assignment Completion

How will I find another job after my initial assignment ends?

PassportUSA is happy to be your Career Partner for life. After you complete your initial assignment, you may either choose to continue working for the healthcare facility where you were initially assigned, or we can support you in securing another assignment of your choice that will fit you and your family’s needs.

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