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This Program is specifically designed to help internationally trained healthcare professionals obtain visas to live and work in the United States. This means we can only offer employment opportunities if you are a RN or MT(CLS).

We do not offer USA Passports.

If you are a internationally trained RN or MT(CLS) interested in  the PassportUSA Program, then click ‘Apply Now’. If not, or if you want to find out more, click ‘Learn More’ to see how Health Carousel International’s PassportUSA Program is enriching the lives of global healthcare professionals by providing life-changing opportunities at leading U.S. healthcare organizations.

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I am a RN or MT(CLS)
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Jason, RN, testimonial image
Jason, RN - Georgia

"I would like to thank PassportUSA/Health Carousel for giving me the opportunity to work in the United States. I could’ve never imagined doing it on my own. With their guidance, everything went smoothly. They are always there to follow up with me about my requirements and now here I am, about to step into the country where I have long desired to work in."

Krystle, RN, testimonial image
Krystle, RN - Alaska

“Working with PassportUSA/Health Carousel helped me fulfill my American dream. I am guided in every step of the way. The advisors are prompt to respond especially when I needed help on urgent situations. This experience taught me to be detailed and meticulous on every step of the way and to do my best in everything.”

Elaine, RN, testimonial image
Ma. Elaine, RN - Texas

“PassportUSA/Health Carousel helped me reach my American dream! I am so excited to start my new life here and am forever grateful they helped make it happen. I also want to thank all of my previous advisors for doing a good job in helping me out. Many thanks for giving me this opportunity.”

Learn more about PassportUSA and how you can earn an additional $15,000 USD Milestone Reward Bonus!

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Join the PassportUSA Program today and get these great benefits:

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Assured Premium Processing
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For IELTS holders, qualified nurses can get Assured Premium Processing with a response from USCIS on visa petition in less than 14 days.

File Visa Petition with no IELTS
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For non-IELTS holders, PassportUSA can help file visa petition regular processing to help nurses get their place in line. PassportUSA will also provide access to a IELTS Study Coach and a dedicated International Program Associate to help guide nurses through the process.

No Registration Fees
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No fees are required to join PassportUSA and the majority of the expenses will either be paid for and/or reimbursed.

Shouldered Payments
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PassportUSA provides Company Paid IELTS, NCLEX, and Visa Screen Certification fees.

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Nurses can get reimbursements for qualified, out-of-pocket expenses incurred to date.

Dedicated Support Teams
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All Filipino HCPs who begin their dream of immigrating to the United States will be assisted by no fewer than five dedicated teams who guide you at every step of the way, even to the days when you finally arrive in America.

Decide Your Workplace
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PassportUSA has healthcare facilities across all 50 US states.

Support and Guidance
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Each Filipino HCP will be provided with support and guidance at every step of the way. From facilitation with their IELTS exam, professional certification, U.S. immigration and relocation to America, PassportUSA assures that Filipinos have the backing of one of the world’s most prominent ethical healthcare recruiting organizations.

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Training and Coaching

Access to resources and experts that will help you achieve passing IELTS scores and file for your U.S. VisaScreen

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We Cover the Costs

PassportUSA pays for your visa filing and U.S. relocation. In fact, we provide bonuses and reimbursements to cover virtually every cost associated with starting your career in the USA.

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No Worries

Our experts have handled thousands of nurse immigration cases and have successfully placed them at facilities across the USA. We ensure you’ll arrive in the USA as quickly as possible.

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The Joint Commission

PassportUSA, a division of Health Carousel, has achieved the Gold Seal of Approval for healthcare staffing services certification from The Joint Commission under its Healthcare Staffing Services Certification Program.

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Ethical Recruitment

PassportUSA is a founding member of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR). This means we are dedicated to assurance of high standards of ethical conduct among all of the organizations engaged in international recruitment.

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POEA Licensed

Health Carousel Philippines is POEA licensed in the Philippines ( POEA-230-LB-103018-R). As such we do not charge for our services and adhere to the legal and ethical standards set forth by this Philippines official agency.

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