Unlock Opportunities as an International Nursing Student with OPTimal US RN Careers

International students graduating from US nursing schools gain valuable clinical experience during their Optional Practical Training period and a trustworthy employment-based US immigrant visa sponsor. Contact Health Carousel International to learn more today!

Successful nursing students

Take your nursing career to the next level with a full-time RN position and US Visa Sponsorship.

Since 2004, Health Carousel International has provided over 4,000 global healthcare professionals with life-changing careers as the sponsor of their US work visas.

Today, we employ nearly 1,500 visa-sponsored healthcare professionals on assignments at America’s finest healthcare facilities in all 50 states.

As you graduate, we can help you land a great OPT opportunity, and we’ll immediately begin your EB-3 or non-cap H-1B visa petition.


Here’s what you’ll get when you select Health Carousel International as your U.S. visa sponsor and employer:

  • Secure a US job before graduation
  • We begin EB-3 visa filing upon assignment start
  • Paid professional exam & license
  • Desirable careers at leading health systems
  • Relocation allowance
  • Paid time off for vacation, illness, and more
  • Low-cost health insurance for you and your family
  • Optional low-cost dental, vision, and life insurance for you and your family
  • Professional liability (malpractice) insurance coverage
  • 401(k) retirement savings plan
  • Generous pay packages

Program Qualifications

  • Open to newly licensed and aspiring RNs
  • Apply any time in the final year of your US professional degree program or upon graduation
  • Must have a minimum of six months of remaining OPT work eligibility
Jason RN
Jason, RN - Georgia

"I would like to thank PassportUSA/Health Carousel for giving me the opportunity to work in the United States. I could’ve never imagined doing it on my own. With their guidance, everything went smoothly. They are always there to follow up with me about my requirements and now here I am, about to step into the country where I have long desired to work in."

Krystal RN
Krystle, RN - Alaska

“Working with PassportUSA/Health Carousel helped me fulfill my American dream. I am guided in every step of the way. The advisors are prompt to respond especially when I needed help on urgent situations. This experience taught me to be detailed and meticulous on every step of the way and to do my best in everything.”

RN Testimonial photo
Ma. Elaine, RN - Texas

“PassportUSA/Health Carousel helped me reach my American dream! I am so excited to start my new life here and am forever grateful they helped make it happen. I also want to thank all of my previous advisors for doing a good job in helping me out. Many thanks for giving me this opportunity.”

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Count on Us to Deliver on Our Promises

As the leading provider of US career opportunities for internationally- trained RNs, Health Carousel International (HCI) has successfully facilitated the immigration and placement of thousands of healthcare professionals in top- tier US organizations. Our ethical standards and track record speak for themselves, earning the trust of international healthcare professionals like you.

we cover the costs for you
Choose Your Location Preferences

We care about your geo-location placement preferences. HCI has hundreds of prestigious healthcare facility clients located in all 50 US states and you get to provide input on where you would like to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I work?

We identify your best-fit assignments based off of your location, setting, and unit preferences and present them to you for consideration. We have clients in all US states. They range from leading academic medical institutions to rural community hospitals. Whatever you seek, we will likely have a few nursing career opportunities to consider.

How much will I earn?

At the minimum, you will be paid the US Department of Labor prevailing wage for your location and profession. Additionally, we provide a generous relocation allowance to help you settle in your work location. Lastly, you’ll be eligible for performance-based merit increases during the course of the assignment.

How quickly will you file for my employer-sponsored visa?

We begin collecting the documents to file for your EB-3 visa when you begin work at your selected assignment location.

How long are OPTimal assignments?

The assignment length is 6,240 work hours. This usually takes our healthcare professionals about three years to complete.

What if my OPT ends and I am no longer authorized to work in the US?

Our ultimate goal is to achieve your EB-3 visa approval or EAD before your OPT ends. However, if you lose US work authorization, you must abide by all US visa regulations and your assignment will end. If you must leave the US, we will gladly pay for your return once your Health Carousel International-sponsored

Is this a travel assignment?

No. Most nursing and allied health travel positions are not open to new graduates. Joint Commission Certified Staffing Firms require one year of experience for their travelers. Unlike with a travel assignment, you will most likely work at one healthcare facility for your entire OPT and assignment period. However, we will assist with relocation and license costs if you must change assignments.

Importantly, we are visa experts! We consistently file over 1,000 visa petitions for healthcare professionals yearly. Unfortunately, staffing firms specializing in only travel careers typically do not have this expertise.

Are there additional post-OPTimal career opportunities?

We strive to be your employer of choice and offer a lifetime of post-OPTimal career opportunities, including travel and Advance assignments. We even offer Work-Study, which will pay the total tuition, books, and fees for nurses to achieve their MSN, DNP, or Doctor of Nursing Practice degrees from our approved academic partners. Your recruiter and International Employee Supervisor will be able to provide further details on career opportunities.