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A long-term healthcare workforce solution.

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PassportUSA: Your Partner in Healthcare Staffing

PassportUSA is a temp to perm solution that reduces a hospital’s overuse of premium contractor labor and excessive OT by not being properly staffed. We serve urban and rural hospitals across all modalities to improve lives and make healthcare work better.

Healthcare Staffing with PassportUSA

Long-Term Staffing Solution

Upon completion of the PassportUSA healthcare professional’s commitment period, they are given the opportunity to either continue employment with PassportUSA or are able to pursue their own career opportunities. Eighty-six percent of the PassportUSA healthcare professionals ultimately decide to become direct employees of their client facility.

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Improving Patient's Experience

Improved Patient Care & Safety

Insufficient staffing levels have consistently been associated with adverse patient outcomes, job dissatisfaction, and turnover. Right-sizing staffing levels has been shown to remedy all of the aforementioned issues. However, in a time (or in an area) of candidate scarcity right-sizing is not so easy. Once again, the Passport model is a sensible solution that overcomes all of these challenges. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, June 2017.

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The Joint Commission

PassportUSA, a division of Health Carousel, has achieved the Gold Seal of Approval for healthcare staffing services certification from The Joint Commission under its Healthcare Staffing Services Certification Program

Ethical Recruitment

PassportUSA is a founding member of the American Association of International Healthcare Recruitment (AAIHR). This means we are dedicated to assurance of high standards of ethical conduct among all of the organizations engaged in international recruitment.

POEA Licensed

Health Carousel Philippines is POEA licensed in the Philippines ( POEA-230-LB-103018-R). As such we do not charge for our services and adhere to the legal and ethical standards set forth by this Philippines official agency.