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Our industry expertise is unmatched.

When you partner with Health Carousel International (HCI) to meet your unique staffing needs, you can be assured that we’ve covered everything with our pool of qualified candidates. You can rest easy knowing every legal and logistical box has been checked! Consider all the ways HCI goes above and beyond any other agency in our industry.

Visa Processing

Expertly handling the visa processing for our applicants properly ensures our clients get qualified healthcare professionals as quickly as possible. We have many candidates in various stages of visa processing at any given time — a robust pipeline of amazing individuals — that we can turn to in case of any hiccups or eventualities.

Our deep pipeline is a source of security for our many clients. We have years of experience and have navigated through just about every possible scenario. Trust us to solve every element of your staffing needs.

Clinical Readiness

Our global healthcare professionals have, on average, five-plus years of clinical experience outside of the U.S., with many of those in leading Joint Commission International-accredited facilities. The scope of nursing practice and the terminologies undoubtedly vary, however, so each global healthcare professional undergoes clinical and cultural readiness training before departing to the USA. This specialized training is led by our award-winning clinical team that owns a combined 50-plus years of clinical experience at some of the leading healthcare facilities in the United States.

We take pride in developing class-leading candidates because of our best-in-class training tools and the experience of our Quality Improvement Nursing Team. Best of all, each applicant’s coursework can be customized to fit the training needs of individual clients and the patients you serve.

Arrival & Onboarding

Our Arrival and Onboarding teams work tirelessly to ensure that family, housing, transportation, and financial concerns are taken care of before the healthcare professional’s first day on assignment. This level of service allows your applicant to focus on learning their new role and contribute quickly to your team by providing the best quality of patient care. We do more than help you fill a need — we provide passionate workers who make a real difference and exceed all your expectations!

Account Management and Clinical Support

Our clients benefit from regular business reviews and actively participate in annual performance reviews of the healthcare professionals on assignment at their facilities. Furthermore, all of our healthcare professionals have free access to class-leading training platforms used by more than half of U.S. healthcare organizations, plus ongoing access to our seasoned Quality Improvement Team.

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