Clinical Readiness

Health Carousel International's Clinical Transition Program makes a world of difference

The Health Carousel International 
Clinical Transition Program

We help ease the shift to life in America by placing our recruits through the Health Carousel International (HCI) Clinical Transition Program, which alleviates unneeded stress on nurses and therapists who are already facing many significant life issues: moving their whole life to a new country, setting up a new household, getting acclimated to a new healthcare facility, and more. The better prepared these global healthcare professionals can be before arriving in America, the less stress they will have and the better job performance they will provide.

How it benefits you

On top of the benefits for recruits, healthcare organizations profit from having global nurses who arrive prepared to meet the high expectations of a U.S. nurse (e.g., how to interact with patients; how to communicate effectively with other nurses; and how to work collaboratively with physicians in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment).The program is entirely customizable for the unique needs of specific healthcare organizations, as we can layer additional content requested by the client with excellent results.

It’s a unique benefit that HCI is proud to offer. Other placement companies leave a lot of the legwork to the newly arrived nurses. Not us.


U.S. hospitals that also use Health Carousel International's training systems.


Combined years of experience in advanced nursing leadership with our expert clinical team.

The updates in nursing practice that were included in the courses were [a great] fit and helped quite a lot in [keeping] my knowledge up to date, especially in the U.S. setting. The subjects that were put together were systematically placed and included the most crucial topics and updates. The training highlighted the pertinent parts to easily learn them. On the whole, everything I learned is definitely essential when one transitions to a setting that is relatively unfamiliar. The program was very easy to use and the best part was the courses were time-guided and fit my schedule.”

— Jess, PassportUSA Nurse

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