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Behind the Numbers: Why PassportUSA is mission critical

Helping the nursing shortage

How does PassportUSA continue to lead the industry in the ethical recruitment of global healthcare professionals while working to fill the massive (and growing) nursing shortage in the United States? Let us count the ways:

-We have recruited and nurtured a robust future pipeline of 4,400 international healthcare professionals.

-By 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the registered nurse labor shortage to reach 1.13 million. Concurrently, healthcare is projected to add more than 4 million jobs by 2026. Therefore, the number of RNs needed to accommodate this increase is expected to grow by 15% over that same period.

-86% of our global healthcare professionals are offered and accept full-time, direct employment at their client facilities. This alleviates a hospital's reliance on short-term contract labor and costly overtime to fill full-time RN staffing needs.

-PassportUSA healthcare professionals receive an average review score of 4.6 out of 5.

-More than 200,000 patients served in 2019 alone.

-We are building a diverse workforce with healthcare professionals recruited from 61 countries.

-We serve 240 clients in 32 states. PassportUSA assists rural and urban healthcare organizations that need help amid our nation's critical nursing shortage.

-Elevating educational attainment with most of our candidates being conferred a BSN in nursing or an international equivalency evaluation — plus years of clinical experience. Whether your organization is seeking Magnet recognition or just trying to meet the ANA BSN initiative, PassportUSA has you covered.

Process Timeline

Explore the simplicity of our immigration process.

Step One
Implementation Kickoff

Our strong partnership begins by building connections between your organization and our account management, clinical, and finance teams.

Step Two
Interviews and Selection

Consistent profile templates and video interviews make applicant reviews easy.Selection confirmation documentation for selected candidates is also completed at this stage.

Step Three
Getting an Advance Team

Opting into our Advance Team service can fill critical staffing needs while you await arrival of yourPassportUSA candidates.

Step Four
Pre-Arrival Training

Our Quality Improvement NursingTeam prepares each candidate forU.S. practice through customized, organization-specific training.

Step Five
Finalization of Arrivals

Confirming the start dates at your healthcare facility will typically happen4 to 6 weeks before U.S. arrival.

Step Six
U.S. Arrivals and Start Dates

Our travel and housing team greet each healthcare professional to the USA. A 90-day review follows and orientation period.Annual reviews occur thereafter.

Step Seven
Constant Assistance and Encouragement

Ongoing support for all parties are core responsibilities of our clinical, account, and employee supervisor teams.

Step Eight
Business Reviews and Workforce Planning

We regularly review the performance of our service and healthcare professionals and plan for future needs, which are key to lasting relationships with our clients.

Step Nine
Conversion Intention Discussions

Discussing end-of-assignment plans with PassportUSA healthcare professionals should happen as candidates enter the final year of their contracts.

Step Ten
End-of-Assignment Conversions

We offer assistance in converting PassportUSA healthcare professionals to direct employment, which is the goal of most clients.

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