Clinical Support

Committed to helping international candidates succeed

How we help you succeed

The PassportUSA Clinical Team aids international healthcare professionals through the spectrum of their transition of practice; pre deployment, during deployment, and post deployment.

The PassportUSA Clinical Team works with healthcare facilities to develop clinical transition plans for internationally trained healthcare professionals commencing an assignment at a facility in the United States. We are a team of seasoned Clinical Leaders, with over 100 years of combined clinical and leadership experience to assist our healthcare professionals in their clinical transition to practice in the United States. Prior to healthcare professional’s arriving in the United States, Passport USA Clinical Leaders work with client facility staff to develop a plan for the healthcare professional’s on-boarding, orientation, and precepting.

What we do to ensure you are successful

1:1 Clinical Support and Coaching

Access to the Passport USA Clinical Team who bring forth over 100 years of combined clinical experience through a master prepared board-certified clinical team for guidance and support.

Access to an online learning management system for on demand learning and completion of any additional healthcare educational support needed while onboarding to US facility

Support through orientation and onboarding

Collaborate with healthcare professionals’ onsite clinical team to work through challenges if encountered

Advocate on behalf of the healthcare professional

Support and guidance for specialty certifications, professional organization membership, advancing clinical roles to preceptors, charge nurses and supervisors.

What Can PassportUSA do for you?

Reach Out

If you would like to explore the reality of life in the US and the efforts PassportUSA undertakes to ensure safety for our healthcare professionals and their families, please reach out to us. We’d love to speak with you.