October 17, 2022

Living the American Dream – Abby, MSN, RN

Abby started her nursing career in her home of the Philippines, helping those who needed medical attention and providing compassionate care around the clock. However, while Abby was being fulfilled on a professional level, she knew that in order to further her career and try something new, she would need to take a risk. She knew that moving to the United States and working as a registered nurse would be her next step.

In 2004, Abby would come across a PassportUSA ad and immediately called to apply. After a brief interview, Abby was notified a few days later that she was accepted into the program. A feeling of excitement and nervousness washed over her; this was really happening! Not only would she be starting her career in a new environment, but she would have to acclimate to a whole new world.

Partnering with PassportUSA, a recruitment program that now has over 15 years of experience in matching global healthcare workers with successful US careers, was a life-changing decision. The PassportUSA program took over most of the logistics for Abby, such as filing her visa application and setting her up with a US hospital. Also, knowing how much of a cultural shock her move would be, PassportUSA connected Abby with Filipino families that were already living in Abby’s community. When Abby finally arrived, she met some familiar faces and voices welcoming her to her new home. Abby described the “sense of belongingness” she felt as one of the factors that helped her adjust well to life in the US.

Abby’s first hospital placement was in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she worked on the oncology floor while studying full-time. Typically, healthcare professionals with PassportUSA will complete a 3-year contract at their initial facility, and afterwards they have a number of options. They can either continue their employment with PassportUSA, work as a traveling nurse with one of PassportUSA’s sister divisions, continue working for the same facility, or pursue something new entirely. While the decision is completely up to the healthcare professional, PassportUSA will always be there for support and guidance.

In 2012, a full-time job opportunity as a nursing instructor presented itself to Abby. Knowing that this was the next step in her career development, Abby jumped at the role and has been teaching nursing for the past nine years. However, the opportunities did not stop there, as Abby recently started a nurse leadership position as the dean of a nursing at a college in Florida.

Abby’s story proves that the PassportUSA program is not only focused on recruiting global healthcare talent to the US. Rather, this program ensures that all those recruited are fully equipped to succeed in their careers. Her story also shows that the impact of a single international healthcare professional can transcend decades and add value to multiple communities.

Abby sums it up perfectly by saying, “My hope for young nurses in this generation is that they find meaning and joy in nursing…the same joy that I found in the profession.”

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