October 17, 2022

First Day In The USA – Sharmaine, RN

Becoming a nurse had always been Sharmaine’s dream, and she had successfully fulfilled that passion in her home of the Philippines. However, soon after she started practicing, a new dream started to take shape, and it proved to be one that she couldn’t ignore: Sharmaine wanted to come to the United States to practice as a nurse.

Although she had the full support of her family and friends, who all urged her to take this next step and get out of her comfort zone, it was no less daunting. Starting over in a new country, completely void of anyone she knew, almost held her back. But in the end, she didn’t let these fears hold her back from living her truth.

Partnering with PassportUSA made Sharmaine even more confident about what was to come. Joining this recruitment program, which has over 15 years of experience in matching global healthcare professionals with successful US careers, took most of the logistical work off Sharmaine’s plate. PassportUSA’s promise of no cost to join, and no “hidden fees” allowed Sharmaine to truly prepare herself on a mental and emotional level for this next step in her life. 

Immediately after signing up with PassportUSA, Sharmaine had the backing of the program’s dynamic organization and access to all their specialty teams that make the application process and subsequent stay in the U.S. as smooth as possible. Knowing that someone was working diligently to help Sharmaine’s transition to the US was more than she could have asked for. 

This is all part of the PassportUSA program; to not only recruit healthcare workers from around the globe, but to ensure they are fully equipped to succeed in their jobs before and after they arrive. The program also covered the full cost of Sharmaine’s flight to the US, set her up with their in-house travel agency to help her find living accommodations, and provided a $2,000 housing advance and a $1,500 arrival advance to help offset some of the initial expenses.

On August 2nd, 2021, Sharmaine arrived in Jacksonville, Florida to start her new journey as a registered nurse in the US. As promised, her Arrival Coordinator, Angela, was right there to greet her in the airport. In Sharmaine’s words, “I was happy knowing that there was a face smiling at me, that recognized me.”

Angela helped Sharmaine adjust to life in Florida, describing herself as a “life coach.” She made sure Sharmaine’s living accommodations were adequate, helped her set up a bank account, walked her through the new hire paperwork, and exposed her to the Jackonsville area.

Sharmaine will continue to receive monthly check-in calls from her International Employee Specialist (IES) to make sure she is adjusting and acclimating to her new life. Through her IES, and a variety of other resources available, PassportUSA will continue to support Sharmaine during her journey.

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