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Bismarck, North Dakota

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Acute Care - General
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Bismarck, North Dakota
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Trauma Center
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Hospital Overview

The healthcare provider is located in Bismarck, North Dakota. With a proud history of serving the community since the 1800’s, the facility is a crucial source of healthcare for the region. The facility features over 300 beds and is a full-service medical center with a wide range of specialized care options.

Community Overview

The capital of North Dakota, Bismarck is located on the Missouri River and offers a wealth of entertainment, culture and historical sights within its borders. Once the site of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Bismarck is now a thriving city with plenty for all and one of the most exciting in North Dakota. The downtown area is the center of activity in Bismarck, as it’s the home of the Kirkwood Mall, the civic center, retail stores, the capital building and more. Nearby the area is the Cathedral District, an old tree-lined neighborhood with homes dating back as far as the 1880’s. Residents and visitors can visit the downtown area, the Cathedral District and the rest of Bismarck via the Capital Area Transit System, which operates 11 routes.

Learn more about Bismarck at the official city website and explore the area at the county website.

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The region features the largest school system in the state with 16 elementary schools, 3 middle schools, 3 high schools and 1 alternative high school. With all schools “accredited with commendation,” the school system is a highly-regarded institution that wants to give students a well-rounded education. Students attending Bismarck schools can enjoy a 1.3 to 1 computer ratio with almost 10,000 computers throughout the district. Several schools in the area are former Blue Ribbon schools, including Bismarck High, Century High, and Horizon Middle School. Highland Acres and Northridge, both elementary schools, have also received the honor. An average class size of 20 is present in the district and the average attendance rate is 96.4% plus the district boasts a dropout rate of less than 15%.

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Local and Nearby Attractions

Bismarck offers all varieties of shopping options, whether you want to visit a bustling mall or a unique local favorite boutique. Kirkwood Mall features over 90 shops including Target and J.C. Penney, in addition to stores for jewelry, gifts, electronics, media, clothing, shoes and more. You can also visit the Gateway Mall which includes local service providers, restaurants, and shops. Entertainment and recreation options abound in Bismarck with options for any age or interest. The Dakota Zoo spans over 90 acres and houses 600 animals, birds, reptiles, and fish, and it’s a great place to learn about the wild wonders of our world.

For history buffs: step into the North Dakota Heritage Center & Museum to experience 4 museum galleries tracing the state’s history with exhibits about the landscape, geology, wildlife, and more. The Heritage Center also features exhibits on World War 2 art and the Hubble telescope, as well as space exploration. Children can experience science and technology with the STEM-themed Gateway to Science with over 90 hands-on exhibits; the museum is currently constructing a new building to educate with even more to explore. Finally, if fun and relaxation in the great outdoors are what you want, look no further than Bismarck’s Parks and Recreation department. The department includes playgrounds, sports complexes, pool facilities, golf courses, and even a small amusement park with a Ferris wheel and slide.

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Crime Rate

Safer than 39% of the rest of the country, Bismarck is a great place for families. The city has an active police department that offers multiple crime prevention and community policing programs.

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